Purdy to leave the BBC

Just in from the BBC; Political Correspondent Martina Purdy is leaving Ormeau Ave for a new vocation in the church.

Speaking about her decision she said

“I’ve been a journalist now for almost 25 years, 15 of them at the BBC,” Martina said. “It has been an immensely rewarding profession.

“I am especially grateful to the BBC for the opportunities I’ve been given.”

She added: “The BBC has always been very supportive of my work.

“I want to wish all my colleagues all the very best both here and at Stormont, especially my friends in the political unit. I shall miss them very much. I also want to wish the politicians well in their future endeavours.

“I’m very grateful for all the support I’ve had over many years from colleagues, family, contacts and friends.”

“I know many people will not understand this decision. It is a decision that I have not come to lightly, but it is one that I make with love and great joy. I ask for prayers as I embark on this path with all humility, faith and trust.

“This is a very personal decision. I ask that the media respect my privacy and that of the religious congregation which I am entering, as I face up to the new challenges of my life. I will not be making any further public comment about this matter.”

I don’t want to dwell on Martina’s personal decision, so, who would you like to see replace her as the new political correspondent on the BBC? My choice would be Sam McBride.