#McNultyMess: “the very things the Taoiseach criticized about the Seanad are the ones he’s exploiting””

I think the Irish Times have the best tag for this business over public appointments and Seanad nominations, when they eschewed #McNultyGate for the #McNultyMess..

Messy it is, though Averil power hits something when she notes that the Government has failed to take account of the fact that the Seanad was saved by the people, not in order to preserve the old ways of doing things, but to give it a stronger and more legitimate purpose..

Not that easy, says Kathy Sheridan

What kind of magical reforms could produce a depoliticised upper house filled with patriotic people of ideas and relevance, wisdom and gravitas? People, crucially, with little or no regard for the perks of office or with a gimlet eye on the house next door?
Above all, why would such a distinguished individual propel herself into a type of Seanad X-Factor contest?
The Fiscal Advisory Council might be a template of what the Seanad could be: a truly independent body with a brief, say, to assess how and whether the EU and Government are meeting certain objectives and to communicate that reality, honestly and accessibly, to the people. At least we could never again say we did not know.

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