Ed forgets the deficit, whoops (“smile and wave boys, smile and wave”)…

Erm, the first rule of performance is don’t look back (or down for that matter).

If Sinn Fein see Labour as the safe endline for a successful bidding partner for a better deal than the one they had before their late refusal wipes millions off the Stormont budget, it took a bit of a knock yesterday when Ed Miliband admitted that he’d forgot to mention the deficit it might be a forlorn hope.

In Miliband Labour has leader that’s much less popular than his party. And yesterday’s cock up won’t have helped. Sometimes its just better to smile and wave boys, smile and wave.

It happens

  • SF will hunt hard to find comfort in the words (in script, but not spoken):

    “So as Ed Balls announced yesterday, Labour’s plan is based on a tough new approach. Eliminating the deficit as soon as possible in the next Parliament. Getting the national debt falling. And no proposals for additional borrowing. We will get the deficit down.”

  • chrisjones2

    Up the workers ….so long as you are not disabled or odd looking or not telegenic


  • Croiteir

    Perfect – more austerity as the faltering UK economy bounces along like a balloon in the wind slowly, but gradually going to ground while the Irish economy starts to return to the Tiger economy. Why would SF worry?