The Slugger has landed

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I finally arrived at the Royal Highland Centre in Ingliston. This is the National Count Collation Centre for the Scottish Independence Referendum.

Media from around the planet are gathering in this hangar type building. Some places are reserved and the man from Slugger almost nicked a seat ‘belonging’ to the Chinese National News Agency.

However I think I got away with it.

I will be feeding the Sluggerati with a live updates throughout the night. Mick has said that he will grab my tweets and post them onto Slugger.

For ye who don’t follow me my handle is

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I have been around polling stations in Glasgow today and  the most accurate impression I can give is that it is too cloase to call.

Certainly the Yes and No troops on the ground were not exuding confidence. Both referendum tribes saying pretty much the same thing.

I know from sources close to the leadership of Better Together and Yes Scotland that THEY don’t know.

Anyway we’re all in for a historic night whatever the result.

Phil is an author,blogger, freelance journalist and writer based in Ireland. He is an active member of the NUJ with a special interest in online journalism. He was also a constintuency organizer for the SNP in Glasgow Shettleston constituency in the 1987 UK General election. He was also the secretary of the Scottish Branch of the Celtic League during that time. A journalist with An Phoblacht from 1999- 2006 his work under the pen name “Mick Derrig” covered a wide range of topics.