Murdoch cooling on the idea of independence #indyref

Rupert Murdoch, he is famous for backing certain parties in electoral contests and has recently flirted with the idea of carrying forward his support for the SNP in 2011 by backing a Yes vote on Thursday.

However this interesting report drawing on his recent Twitter comments show that he is cooling on the idea of independence;

Using his global media empire’s private jet and making stops in Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Fife, News UK sources said Mr Murdoch wanted to judge “the mood” of this week’s historic vote.

On a stop off in a Glasgow pub, the News Corp boss said that he was “considering” giving the Yes campaign the backing of the Scottish Sun.

However, Mr Murdoch’s statements on Twitter yesterday made for uneasy reading inside the Yes camp. One read: “Have to worry about some of Salmond’s allies. Far-left socialists and extreme greenies. Must change course to prosper if he wins.”

He added later: “SNP not talking about independence, but more welfarism, expensive greenery, etc and passing sovereignty to Brussels.”

Is he just toying with the Yes side? Or could he tip the balance for the SNP to win on Thursday?

Answers on a postcard…..

David McCann holds a PhD in North-South relations from University of Ulster. You can follow him on twitter @dmcbfs

  • dougthedug

    The only problem for Murdoch is that he called it wrong in 2007 when he printed a front page on the Scottish Sun on the day of the election with the SNP logo fashioned as a noose because he thought Labour would win and Labour were his best buddies then. The Sun likes to be on the winning side.

    He called it right in 2011 when the Sun came out for the SNP in the very, very late stages of the campaign when he must have got an inkling of the polls and he’d fallen out with Labour big time by that point anyway.

    It’s too close to call this time so he’s sitting on the fence.

    The Sun and Murdoch don’t give a toss for Scotland, all they want to be able to say is, “It’s the Sun wot won it”.

  • Michael Henry

    ” The news boss said that he was considering giving the Yes campaign the backing of the Scottish Sun “-

    The ignorance of the man- Murdoch will tell his editors and journalists what to write no matter about their personal opinion’s-this has been the way that a lot of the media has being going for a long time- The Scottish Sun editor will not say boo-

  • gunterprien

    Murdoch cares deeply very much.
    Scotland is a great place to moor his yacht

  • Olivia Anderson

    Trojan horse?

  • Mister_Joe

    Murdoch will jump whichever way he thinks will make him more powerful/richer.