DUP: “Did Martin McGuinness just not listen to the Chief Medical Officer in April?”

Got this presser yesterday from the DUP under the byline of their Holywood based MLA Gordon Dunne. I think it’s interesting enough replicate the whole thing here without further comment…

‘Following the question being posed on a radio show this morning, the deputy First Minister rushed out a request for a meeting with the Chief Medical Officer. This follows details emerging of the impact that Sinn Fein cuts will have on the Department of Health as a result of their intransigence on welfare reform.

Did Martin McGuinness just not listen to the Chief Medical Officer at his last briefing in April or did he choose to ignore what he was told by Michael McBride some months ago? That meeting was held at Edwin Poots’ request, because the shadow of welfare reform was already looming over the Department of Health and the potential impact was starting to emerge.

When Sinn Fein walked away from the welfare package they had agreed to, a massive credibility gap was created, which they are desperately attempting to paper over. This rushed request for a meeting with the Chief Medial Officer is proof of that.

Sinn Fein Ministers have been regularly reminded in correspondence from the Health Minister to the Executive of the impact of welfare penalties on the local health service. Officials have also fully briefed Sinn Fein Assembly Members at the Health Committee.

What is important however is not this latest meeting where Sinn Fein will be briefed yet again. What is necessary is for them to listen and to accept the impact that welfare reform penalties are having on the most vulnerable in our society.’

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  • chrisjones2

    Thats politics Stormont style

    “There is no evidence”

    “We didnt know”

    “Big boys made us do it”

    Blame Themuns …….. Oh look its a flag ……….cue band playing The Sash / Boys Behind the Wire etc

  • chrisjones2

    PS Love Newt today on our blessed SoS “She may appear to do nothing but she does it well”

  • Morpheus

    I found a few reports on the OFMDFM website regarding the real impact of Welfare Reform on the most vulnerable in our society. The first is a report called “Child and Working-Age Poverty in Northern Ireland from 2010 to 2020”


    And the second is an updated version from January of this year:


    This jumped out: in relative terms child poverty is set to increase from 21.6% to 30.9% by 2020. Absolute child poverty will increase from 25% to 38.5%. The comparisons with the overall UK increases is striking.

    “We project that in the absence of tax and benefit reforms, relative child poverty in Northern Ireland would have been lower in 2014–15 than in 2011–12. Reforms since April 2010 also explain the large majority of the projected increase in the absolute low-income child poverty measure. In 2014–15, child poverty is projected to be 5.8ppts higher using the relative low-income measure and 5.0ppts higher using the absolute low-income measure than it would have been in the absence of reforms. For the UK as a whole, child poverty is projected to be 3.7ppts (or 500,000) higher using the relative low-income measure and 4.6ppts (or 600,000) higher using the absolute low-income measure than in the absence of reforms.

    In the long run, our projections show the poverty-reducing effect of the introduction of universal credit being outweighed by the impact of other reforms, in particular the switch to CPI indexation of most working-age benefits. In 2020–21, child poverty in Northern Ireland is projected to be 7.5ppts higher using the relative low-income measure and 10.4ppts higher using the absolute low-income measure as a result of tax and benefit changes. For the UK, these figures are 4.4ppts (600,000) and 6.0ppts (900,000) respectively.

    Our projections for both child and WANP poverty show a larger effect of tax and benefit reforms in Northern Ireland than in the UK as a whole. One explanation is that benefits and tax credits make up a larger share of household income for low-income households in Northern Ireland than for those in the rest of the UK. All else equal, fiscal consolidation that involves cuts to benefits and tax credits will therefore naturally have a larger effect on incomes in Northern Ireland.”

  • Tacapall

    “This follows details emerging of the impact that Sinn Fein cuts will
    have on the Department of Health as a result of their intransigence on
    welfare reform”

    The DUP must think people are zipped up the back on the one hand they justify wasting millions upon millions of pounds on policing costs connected to parades and flag protests and on the other blame Sinn Fein for the hardship caused by one of their own ministers inability to cost effectively run the department he is employed to run. It is the British government that is imposing penalties not Sinn Fein and Unionism is fast learning the hard way that two can play the one step forward two steps back game in politics. I think Sinn Fein would be quite happy to see Stormont collapse as there is only one road after that – Joint Authority. It will be Sinn Fein TD’s along with the British government minus the Unionists that will be running those same departments in the future.

  • Michael Henry

    Hopefully we will hear this week on the thinking of the Chief Medical official about the DUP and Tories proposed welfare cuts-

    The DUP has still got a problem between what was discussed during negotiations and what is Policy- they are still huffy child’s –

    The Irish News headline on Saturday had Sammy bare Wilson taking over the Health job from Pot less Poots- if true- then the DUP has no faith in Poots -( the DUP refused to deny the story )-Poots thought he could put a independent statement out with our party support- he will be reigned in –

  • chrisjones2

    SF also justify wasting millions upon millions of pounds on policing costs connected to parades and related protests. Indeed they repeatedly call for the rigorous enforcement of the law against the Prod side of that problem while remaining strangely silent on the other half

    As for Joint Authority that is another Republican pipe Dream. without Unionist Consent it wont happen. Read the GFA and remember that the GFA and The Process (TM) are not the same thing.

    So if SF really want to collapse the Assembly its back to DIrect Rule me boyos. Then what do you do? Go back to war? Tell the people that having lost the war you have now also buggered up the peace?

    So Gerry, its all time to get real.

    In three years we may have SF as a junior coalition partner in De Suth with FF.

    In De Nurth we will have an Assembly with a DUP First Minister, a SF Deputy, welfare reform in place, budgets falling year on year in line with the rest of the UK, water charges falling into place and as effective a health service as anywhere else.

    The Sky wont have fallen in and SFs and the DUPs vote will have plateaued as voters realise how they were marched up the hill only to be left milling about looking at each other. It will be like Clochemerle with the elected representatives arguing where the pissoir should be placed, what colour to paint it and whether it should be open on a Sunday less God strike down the users

    I keep saying it on here. In how they operate and the sheer distortions and sectarianism of many policy and operational decisions SF in de Nurth look more and more wlie little green 1960s Unionist Councillors. More and more they mirror the DUP and with every rant Gerry sounds more and more like Paisley circa 1962

  • Morpheus

    “So if SF really want to collapse the Assembly its back to DIrect Rule me boyos”


    Then again, maybe not – remember “Plan B”? Any reason to think why that wouldn’t still be the preferred option of the guarantors of the GFA?

    Personally I would welcome an extended period of Plan B or even direct rule, it would be a chance for the projects which have been scuttled due to party political reasons a chance to see the light of day.

  • Tacapall

    Chris your under the illusion that Unionism has some sort of never ending veto over politics in Ireland they simply dont have the numbers for that game and look again at the GFA it says nothing about Joint Authority. Why are ya throwing the dummy out and attempting to blame others for the tantrums of Unionism, its not Sinn Fein who are camped in Twaddle nor is it Sinn Fein who demands to parade wherever they like and the only people threatening to collapse Stormont is Unionism, the only people threatening the return of violence and at this moment engaging in violence is loyalists who are aligned to the Pan Unionist Front consisting of the DUP.UUP.TUV,UVF and UDA obviously you read the newspapers and watch the local news with blinkers on.

  • Michael Henry

    Sinn Fein don’t need the Police at their parades because they can Marshall their own events- the Loyalists need the Police at their parades because they will not march through a Nationalist area without Police protection-

    I have read the GFA and can gladly wait till there is a vote for 32-good to see the 1920 government of Ireland act removed and articles 2&3 strengthened –

    You seem to be happy if new water charges came in -you one of those that like to prophesies as if you know what’s going to happen-

  • mickfealty

    It’s probably worth someone’s time doing a cut and paste on that one Tac!

  • Zeno1

    ” its not Sinn Fein who are camped in Twaddle ”

    It’s not the DUP or UUP either though, is it?

    “only people threatening the return of violence and at this moment engaging in violence is loyalists”

    C’mon Tac, you must have heard of the dissidents.

    Basically, there are some nutters on each side and it is disingenuous to hold those people up as representative of a whole community.

  • Elizabeth McC

    Sammy taking the Health job in the Autumn has been the word on some streets for months.

  • Tacapall

    Just E-Mailed you Mick, hopefully your on the same address as usual.

  • Tacapall

    Zeno if you stand shoulder to shoulder with those who are costing the state millions of pounds then you are just as much to blame and im sure there are plenty of DUP and UUP and even TUV members in the OO who are in camp Twaddle.

    Maybe I should have been clearer Zeno –

    Are those you call dissidents engaged in the political process do they frequent Stormont ? Are those dissidents wined and dined by the British government or the PSNI ? Do nationalist politicians stand shoulder to shoulder to those same dissidents do Sinn Fein or the SDLP make excuses for dissident violence ?

  • Zeno1

    Sounds an inspired choice for NI SoS.
    Doing nothing is big here.

  • barnshee

    I would not go down the ” costs” road too far You might meet someone with the bill for the SF/IRA murder/bombing campaign

  • chrisjones2

    “Sinn Fein don’t need the Police at their parades because they can Marshall their own events-”

    Really?Ourselves alone again. But unfortunately it has to be lawful. So who is organising all this Marshalling? Are they trained? Are they insured? Who are they? What authority have they in public places? Are the qualified to do this?

    They seem to have made a great job of it on a few recent events like Carrick Hill and Ardoyne. Is there a special Shinner training course for climbing on land rovers?

    Anyone would think you were suggesting that SF have some sort of an army at their disposal …but we were told they had gone away. A few of them must need zimmers now anyway

  • chrisjones2

    You seemed to have missed the ‘without consent ‘ bits. Unionists do have a veto while they have a majority of votes againsta UI….like say for the next 40 years

    And UnionistS have a veto now if they choose not to participate…just like Republicans do

    I am not throwing any dummy out. I was responding to a suggestion that Republicans can do what they like and Unionists just have to swallow it

    As for “the only people threatening the return of violence ” did you miss the threats from Gerry and his Party when police – “How dare they” – arrested him allegedly on suspicion of serious criminal offences including murder. These are accusations that came from within the republican community – which is what makes them so dangerous and so hateful

    So do try and keep a bit of balance old son. We do all have to live together here and all the posturing and faux outrage that passes for politics makes it all the more difficult

  • chrisjones2

    “if you stand shoulder to shoulder with those who are costing the state millions of pounds then you are just as much to blame”

    So do you now say that all members of SF were / are responsible for PIRAs murders? Robert McCartney? All the Robberies and crime?

    So should they all be held to account – perhaps sanctioned or excluded from office?

  • Zeno1

    I did make a reply but it vanished. The gist of it was.
    I don’t stand shoulder to shoulder with any of them.
    Dissidents are in the same position SF and the IRA were not that long ago.
    It’s a bit churlish to chastise unionists for wasting money on parades when SF stood shoulder to shoulder with the IRA who cost us billions.

  • chrisjones2

    CAn you imagine what fun they would have had

  • Morpheus

    Can you imagine what they will be able to achieve without party politics and the protection of personal fiefdoms coming into the equation? A5, Social Housing in North Belfast, water charges…

  • Tacapall

    Do nationalists have that same veto that you seem to believe unionists have Chris. Are you suggesting the British government need the consent of Nationalists for a return of direct rule if the assembly ever did collapse ?

    Where in my posts did I say republicans can do what they like and unionists just have to swallow it ? If truth be told it is unionism that floats that idea to nationalism, remember who it is that demands to parade wherever they like and everyone else just has to swallow it.

    Your scraping the bottom of the barrel alleging Gerry Adams threatened anyone because of his arrest, could you paste up some evidence of what exactly he said ?

    When you can conveniently turn a blind eye to the DUPs association with loyalists and even brush under the carpet their creation of Ulster resistance who imported hundreds of automatic rifles and rocket launchers into this country that were later used to murder innocent people then enough said about your whataboutery.

  • peepoday

    People who work, and have voted for sinn fein, must now realise that their interests are secondary to the interests of the party.Services such as health and education are to suffer to serve party strategy.Perhaps sinn fein no longer have much to offer a hard working population striving to improve their quality of life.

  • hugh mccloy

    Its interesting to see a out going Sinn Fein Councillor talking about Tory cuts and the effects it has on health.

    Seems to be forgetting that it was a Sinn Fein health strategy that led to the removal of acute services from the Mid Ulster hospital, Dungannon, Omagh, Whiteabbey. The same strategy led to downgrading Lagan and Downe. The same paper that kept the Braid closed and to use empty hospitals as offices.

    Marty Mc G’s selective memory is spreading ?

  • hugh mccloy

    Maybe for a second take out all the disinformation in the media and political class about the effects of the Tory welfare cuts.

    The cuts in health are ongoing since the assembly came about:
    Acute Hospital Review 1999
    Developing Better Services 2000
    CSR 2008
    Modernization and Recovery 2010
    TYC 2011

    I can see how the welfare reforms are being blamed, but they are not the cause they compounded a problem that was created mostly by Sinn Fein when the health service was stripped down according to their health strategy that was implemented right up until 2010. A strategy that was stopped as it was too dangerous to continue.

    Now TYC has taken over and is basically Sinn Feins strategy under a different cover and the political class have the audacity to try and bluff the public again.

    What the public need is freedom of the media to be able to hold political parties to account, now the question is which party will actually sit in a public debate on health ?

  • gunterprien

    Direct Rule.?
    Is that when the British ask for advice on the Irish Government over flegger riots.
    But don’t over riots in Totenham??
    You think the Irish Government doesn’t have a large say in what goes on in the wee Province.

  • gunterprien

    What’s this “us”?
    You mean cost the English..Don’t you?

  • gunterprien

    Talking to yourself?
    That’s one way to win an argument..I suppose.

  • gunterprien

    How does the £4 Billion in cuts that Wee Sammy Wilson..Ya know of the DUP did for Call me Dave in 2010??
    Did the “shinners” make him do it?

  • Zeno1

    It cost the UK Government, if you want to get pedantic.

  • Mister_Joe

    Obviously at my distance, I don’t really know who did what. But there is no way, given the increase in medical technology etc, that a small country like N.I. can afford to have more than 2 or 3 full service hospitals. It’s not just N.I., of course. The smaller hospitals just need to be able to stabilise people suffering from an acute incident and then have an excellent system to get them alive to the major hospital.

  • Morpheus

    LIke…I don’t know…off the top of my head…a dual carriageway from Derry to the M1 at Ballygawley so it can handle the traffic which is double, yes double, the minimum requirements?

  • Mister_Joe

    Morpheus, my thought was that one of the 2 or 3 would be in the West, improvements to Altnagelvin likely. But yes, the roads in that area do need major improvements.

  • Morpheus

    I would not like to get into a major accident just up the road from your brother’s house in Victoria Bridge, right on the A5. Even getting somewhere to be stabilized will take an age, especially if your ambulance is stuck in the traffic caused by a tractor.

    A high-speed road is essential.

  • Mister_Joe

    Good point. Farm traffic needs to be separated.

  • Zeno1

    That would be a good point if it was true. No one made £4 billion in cuts in 2010.

  • gunterprien

    Well I posted links to say so..But they have been deleted.

  • Zeno1

    I started a new post on it. I think it needs to be cleared up, but no one cut £4 billion from our budget in 2010.

  • Zeno1

    Here are a few questions on “Cuts”.
    The headline figure in 2010 was £4 billion in cuts.
    It was to be imposed over 4 years.
    The Northern Ireland Budget is over £20 Billion.
    Did the Block Grant increase in 2011/2012/2013/2104?
    Is it set to increase in 2015?
    When they say £4 billion in cuts does that equate to less than 5% of the NI Budget per year?

    Is the Block Grant increasing every year or reducing? That is the key question.

  • gunterprien

    Tell Reuters. But un any case..There’s more to come in 2015!!!

  • Zeno1

    I think you may have misunderstood the cuts. If I’m wrong I’m wrong and if you are shown to be correct I will apologise and withdraw.

  • Morpheus

    Net Fiscal Deficit 2009-2010 – £10,291m
    Net Fiscal Deficit 2010-2011 – £9,956m
    Net Fiscal Deficit 2011-2012 – £9,634m


    The Northern Ireland Centre for Economic Policy estimated the Northern Ireland fiscal deficit for 2012/13 at approximately £9.4bn,


    So going on these estimates it is going down, and rightfully so.

  • gunterprien

    Read the article..That is what it says..£4 Billion in cuts..£1 Billion to be delivered in the first year i.e 2010 the other £3 Billion over the life of the parliament. I should think.
    That was the goal..whether it was achieved is another matter..Since DUP and SF are disagreeing..It’s hard to know.
    Either way another plank of the Unionist touchstone is been eaten away. As in; the unaffordable argument. The wee provence is getting “cheaper” by the day.
    Now, If only the dissidents would disappear..And we could see some REAL cuts.

  • gunterprien

    UPDATE..Wee Sammy RAISED £1 Billion by selling State assets..Pretty much Land As far as I can see. and is promising £3 Billion in cuts.
    The plan was to cut the budget by 8%.
    Well they can only sell assets once. So once they’re gone they’re gone.
    And in 2015..They will be looking for MORE cuts..
    Absolutely fantastic to be Nationalist…Westminster is doing SF’s job for them.
    Who’d bet against another 8% cut in 2015 to 2020.
    Bring it on.

  • Zeno1

    The net fiscal deficit and the Block Grant are two different things. They are unconnected. I didn’t ask if the deficit was going down. I asked if the Block Grant was going up or down. Interesting as your post is. It is not answering my questions.

  • Zeno1

    “Read the article..That is what it says..£4 Billion in cuts..£1 Billion to be delivered in the first year i.e 2010”

    The Budget is over £20 Billion a year, the saving required come to less than 5% of that.
    Has the Block Grant been cut or has it increased?

  • gunterprien

    Cut by 8% in real terms.

  • gunterprien

    Or in the words of Sammy Wilson himself.

    Quote “Current expenditure resources from the treasury will decline by 8 percent in real terms while capital investment resources allocated to us will decline by some 40 percent over the next review period.”

  • Zeno1

    So while the Block Grant is increasing in monetary terms you are complaining that it isn’t increasing enough?

  • Morpheus

    Go on then, show us if the block grant is going up or down

    Maybe you could show us what the Block Grant was for say the past 5 years and what the net fiscal deficit was over the same period

  • Zeno1

    You can do that yourself.

  • gunterprien

    Oh dear. I am not complaining at all. I think you don’t understand the word cuts.
    Did you read it? £4 billion. The wee 6 is getting cheaper by the minute.
    Pretty soon you shall only be reliant on the spectre of Loyalist violence to keep your union afloat. On my part..I wish the dissidents would disappear..Because it’s quite clear that Westminster only funds the place to stop the violence..Without this threat..It’s Cut..cut..cut..All the way. And I think the dissident groups will disband after 2016.. or so. If they can’t make any impact after easter 2016..Their game will be seen to be up. So hopefully there goes that.
    James Molyneaux said the most dangerous thing of all was an IRA ceasefire.
    Perhaps these cuts is what he had in mind.

  • Morpheus

    Hahahaha, I knew you were going to say that. 🙂

    You have the knowledge, I don’t. Won’t you share your proof?

    Or is this a secret too?

  • Morpheus

    Nope, I have been through the most recent ncome expenditure report for NI PLC released in March this year:


    I don’t seen any reference to ‘Block Grant’ in the income section – are you saying that there is an extra £9-10b that we get that isn’t accounted for here?

  • chrisjones2

    Great for all of them except the A5 which was itself a political white elephant and waste of money

  • hugh mccloy

    The issue is that is the way the health service worked in NI, nearly each hospital including the smaller ones like Mid Ulster and Omagh served as places to stabilise a patient before being transferred for specialist services which are mainly located at the Royal. This is true as well for some of the larger hospitals like Craigavon and Antrim where in some areas they stabilise and send to the Royal. These smaller hospitals also served as goo places for step down and respite. And not to forget that hospitals like Mid Ulster were excellent training facilities and innovative facilities with HDU and Ambulatory care being developed there, along with advances in Surgery that is still used today, all
    that experience and learning gone with the swoop of a pen to keep a politician happy in the finance department.

    Advances in Day case surgery has lessened the blow there are now problems even finding beds to put the day case patients in.

    Northern Ireland had a system that worked right up until 2005when Developing Better services started to get implemented

    What do we see now:

    >Specialists wards full of every type of patient

    >Ambulances queued up and stuck in urban areas unable to service the rural areas that have lost lifesaving services.

    >Loss of Dr training posts due to the reduction and closure of acute ward in local hospitals

    >Increased need to use locum DR’s due to Dr shortage, leading to an increase in Dr’s who are not competent or experienced in the field leading to higher instances of clinical negligence.

    > Increased day cases working at the rate they are leading to an increase 30 day readmission to hospital as an emergency patient.

    > Increased direct referral by GP out of hours due to telephone triage system and no face to face contact.

    When you see some of the above issues it does look like the problem is huge, but when you boil it down it’s a simple demand v capacity issue and the capacity is not there due to political cuts that went against direct medical risk

  • Zeno1

    The Block Grant is not declining. I think you are mixing up budget savings and the Block Grant.
    It costs over £20 billion to keep NI afloat. That needs to come down, but as far as the Block Grant is concerned we don’t get it to make up shortfalls or budget deficits. It is not based on need. It is simply a mechanism whereby the Government allocates money to the devolved Governments for public spending. You know like the NHS and Education etc?

    Scotland get a Block Grant and they are claiming to be a net contributor to the UK Budget.
    All 9 Regions of the Uk are subject to government spending including the wealthiest parts like London.

  • Zeno1

    I don’t have the time to spoon feed. I’ve asked some questions. If you don’t want to answer them, that’s fine but don’t be trying to waste my time.

  • Morpheus

    No need to spoon-feed, a simple link will suffice.



    Or are you bluffing again? 🙂

  • gunterprien

    Well I feel the need to quote Sammy Wilson again.

    Quote “Current expenditure resources from the treasury will decline by 8 percent in real terms

    Now..Lets have this “..Current expenditure from the treasury..”
    I presume he is talking about the treasury in London.
    Expediture from the treasury..Would be the “block grant” by any other name.
    Thanx for trying to tell me I don’t understand.
    But 8 Billion..The point is I understand ALL too well.

  • Zeno1

    As long as you understand that the Block Grant is increasing I’m happy enough.

  • gunterprien

    That’s simple..The period of time would be the lifetime of the British coalition Government.
    Which is due to end in 2015.
    Then in 2015..They may even decide to cut another 8 %.

  • Zeno1

    OK so the budget in NI is £23.9 Billion. Have the British Government demanded 8% savings on that? Is that what you mean? You understand that the Block Grant continues to rise and has not been cut?

  • gunterprien

    From December 2010.

    Northern Ireland Finance Minister Sammy Wilson has not only protected health care spending but provided an additional £326 Million in the draft budget presented to the Assembly yesterday.

    Mr. Wilson laid out a budget which aims to save £4 Billion in the next four years – out of which a quarter or £1 Billion would come from new revenues while the rest of the savings would be delivered through spending cuts.

    The Department of Education is the biggest loser in Mr. Wilson’s budget as its funding was slashed by £67 Million, however, the finance minister provided additional funds towards job creation as well as tackling social needs.

    “It has been a daunting task to deliver this draft budget,” Wilson said.

    “Current expenditure resources from the treasury will decline by 8 percent in real terms while capital investment resources allocated to us will decline by some 40 percent over the next review period.”

    In order to meet the target of raising £1 Billion through additional revenues, the Northern Ireland Executive would sell public owned assets which it believes would bring in £540 Million. The regional rate, would also be increased according to the inflation rates, and the Executive would introduce a 15p levy on plastic bags.

    Not surprisingly, the Stormont Executive has decided to freeze pay and recruitment in the public sector. Anyone earning £21,000 or more in the public sector would see their pay levels frozen for the next two years.

    “I believe this is the day that the executive came of age,” the finance minister told the Assembly. “We have proved that we can take difficult decisions, we have proved that we can reach agreement and we have proved that we can work together for the benefit of the people of Northern Ireland.”

    Business leaders have welcomed the draft budget but the public sector unions are angry with the finance minister’s announcements.

    “The ministers are demonstrating the leadership we need and by setting a four-year budget are creating greater confidence for both local and inward investors,” said Joanne Stuart, Chair of the IoD in Northern Ireland.

    She welcomed the Green New Deal as well as the investments to help unemployed people get the skills to get back to work.

    On the other hand, Northern Ireland Public Service Alliance (Nipsa), argues the Executive has not done “the best for the public and its public service employees.”

    The budget is expected to be ratified by the Northern Ireland Assembly next week.

  • Zeno1

    So the total saving required is £4 billion…………. that’s less than 5% of our Budget over the timeline. The UK Government haven’t actually cut anything. They are saying make savings in line with the rest of the UK.

  • gunterprien

    Right get you ; no cuts…Just savings.
    Anything else?
    There wasn’t a riot in my local prison last week..It was just a violent exchange of views.
    And the riot police were not called in… Instead the warden summoned the restoration and Good order and tear gas ,baton wielding and shield carrying community police unit.
    George Orwell was right. First you change the words and then you change the meaning.
    Gud Nacht.

  • Zeno1

    Funnily enough The Orwells are on in Voodoo on Friday night. You should go. It might open your eyes.

  • Zeno1

    Hey Morhp, it’s not cool to mark up your own posts, not matter how much you like them. Sure you can probably undo that and mark yourself up as a Guest.

  • Morpheus

    It was a mistake on a tablet….what’s your excuse for not answering? Again.

  • Zeno1

    What is the point in me answering a question you can easily look up yourself. Google it.

  • Morpheus

    You sir, are a bluffer 🙂

  • Zeno1

    Sticks and stones.

  • Reader

    What did the Irish Government say about Welfare reform?

  • gunterprien

    Well Not a lot.
    You see it turns out that they have a conflict of interest ..Seeing as NAMA, which is Irish Government owned is the biggest landlord in the wee 6.And that would most likely mean that they are in receipt of monies from the Welfare State.
    Absentee Landlords..Eh?
    Shoe.Foot.other. on.

  • Morpheus
  • Tacapall

    Love that plan Guntherprien haha