First Minister Robinson’s Northern Ireland in pictures

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  • Mc Slaggart

    I think “Northern Ireland” should be renamed “little britian”.

    No point in the continued collateral damage the current set up causes has to the “Ireland” brand.

  • padster73

    You make a very serious point. It is not clear to some people, somewhere else on this planet of ours the differences , the different political aims and agenda that exist in Northern Ireland. The Saudi Gazette sets the place as Dublin, probably where their correspondent is based but I as a nationalists, socialists, and yes catholic too ( this unholy trinity is not necessarily shared by other members of what we call nationalists) want to distance myself as far as possible away from Peter Robinson and his utterly stupid defence of a “pastor”…words fail me…and pretty much all of the bigotry from loyalist representatives, be they Councillors, MLA, whatever.
    I wouldn’t call it little britain , it’s occupied by the british crown and so called free and fair elections were never the case in northern ireland. Winston Churchill, Carson, Bonor-law , the conservative party are the creators of an awful bloody mess.