Elections: a good time to bury controversial news?

Over the last few days whilst we have all been engrossed in all things electoral a couple of somewhat controversial announcements have occurred with relatively little notice.

On Wednesday just before the polls opened the PPS announced it was dropping all charges against flag protest leader Willie Frazer some 15 months after his initial arrest. Meanwhile on Thursday OFMDFM announced that John Larkin had been reappointed as attorney general.

Elections: a good time to bury controversial if not necessarily bad news?

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  • keano10

    Saw both of these items covered on the local News Bulletins. The Larkin reappointment was fully expected at this juncture.

  • Framer

    Larkin is only getting a two-year sentence. His re-appointment is a rare exmple of DUP/Sinn Fein agreement in OFMDFM. One gets a Catholic the other a stern Christian.

  • SK

    Speaking of controversial news, Turgon, would love to hear your thoughts on the comments by sectarian bigot/TUV councillor Jolene Bunting on her social media page. Do you with Jim Allister’s casual dismissal of what she said?