Robinson: PSNI must not be subjected to ‘bully boy’ tactics

This morning First Minister, Peter Robinson released this statement.

The PSNI must not be the subject of republican bullyboy tactics. They must be completely free to follow any and all evidence regardless of where it takes them and to decide free of political considerations whether suspects will be charged or not.

He continued;

I warn Sinn Fein that they have crossed the line and should immediately cease this destructive behaviour. The inconsistency of the Deputy First Minister is clear for all to see. He seems incapable of supporting the PSNI when it comes to the investigation of Mr Adams. What we need in these circumstances is leadership – it is patently absent in the republican movement. Their actions allow only one conclusion to be reached – republicans believe they are not subject to the rule of law in the same way as they demand others to be made amenable to the rule of law.

All democrats around the world, who believe it is an immutable obligation for every elected representative to uphold the rule of law and encourage others to do so, will be nauseated by the conduct of Sinn Fein.

The police and the prosecution service should not allow themselves to be intimidated by Sinn Fein.

Before going into government, Sinn Fein accepting the PSNI was a major selling point for the DUP. Has the threat of reviewing support for the PSNI put the final nail in the coffin for an Executive which now seems completely dysfunctional ?



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  • Mc Slaggart

    “which now seems completely disfunctional?”

    Northern Ireland is dysfunctional. The Assembly workings are only a refection of that basic truth.

  • MonkDeWallyDeHonk

    Coming from Robinson this is simply laughable.

  • tacapall

    “The PSNI must not be the subject of republican bullyboy tactics”

    But of course we the unionist politicians of ulster reserve the right to bully the police whenever we believe our right to walk wherever we please is refused by the legally binding decision of the parades commission and blocked by the PSNI.

  • Greenflag

    ‘which now seems completely dysfunctional?”

    Its as good as it gets or can ever get given the constraints .

    Has the countdown to another Assembly collapse /suspension begun ? or can it wait till after the Local & Euro elections ?

    Will Adam’s 17 hours a day questioning by the PSNI revert to SF’s benefit in the election ?

    Thanks Mr Robinson -again . Political unionism has never learnt or come to terms with the fact that it exists in Ireland and nowhere else .

  • Anaximander

    Robinson is right, Sinn Fein are making fools of themselves with their current behaviour. Of course, that notwithstanding, he studiously ignores his own stentorian pronouncements when Orangemen are on the receiving end of a police rebuttal.

    Who can forget Ian Paisley and Whiterock?

  • Reader

    Hey guys, setting aside the whataboutery reflex, any comments on the topic?

  • Comrade Stalin

    Reader, it’s hard to avoid whataboutery. Robinson’s unbridled hypocrisy is a sight to behold. The DUP have spent the past two years attacking the partiality of the police and the courts.

    Setting that huge issue to one side, Robinson is of course right. You can’t have democratically elections withdrawing support for policing just because you don’t like them arresting your friends.

    That said, Sinn Féin are in a very tight spot and I’m not sure how they are going to get out. If Gerry is released I’m sure there will be a complaint filed with the Police Ombudsman and the usual propaganda dissembling will begin. If he is charged, we are in uncharted waters. I don’t think it’s simple for SF to walk out, as apart from anything else their participation in powersharing, and support for the reformed police service, buys them a big chunk of their political credibility in the south which is where they are trying to make their mark.

  • Mc Slaggart

    Reader I did address the central issue ie the assembly being now “completely dysfunctional “.

    Do you have know of a period when it was not dysfunctional?

  • Gopher

    I think Marty’s threats have basically ended the viability of the assembly and breached the fundamental understanding of the GFA. Removal of “threat” was that fundamental, blind eyes have been turned previously to “minor” indiscretions but I’m not sure how we can continue with the farce after Marty’s threat, it just subverts the whole thing.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Reader, quite right, but the demand for truth and transparency should apply to all irrespective of their importance to the continuing smooth working of the GFA. Therefore, (I quote the Wikipedia article on Peter himself):

    “While the police investigation into the conduct of the Peter and Iris Robinson concluded in a recommendation not to prosecute in 2011, the Standards and Privileges enquiry has still not been completed three years after it was ordered by the Assembly, and remains ongoing as Iris Robinson is adjudged medically unfit to respond to the enquiry.”

    But of course as Tacapall says above :”the unionist politicians of ulster reserve the right to bully the police.” and are jealous of any encroachment on this monopoly by what Roger Casement called (in his own day) the “kitchen kaffers”.

    In a political system that itself is run on the heady fumes of the whataboutery reflex it would be refreshing if instead of trying to balance out blame to even the scales we would see some honesty, such as an admission of the simple fact that there is serious culpability on each and every side and perhaps even start a clean out of the neck deep muck of our own wee Augean stables.

    As the Black Mountain says at the moment, “Time 4 Truth”

  • Greenflag


    Whats the topic ? Robinson’s threat/warning for the umpteenth time ? McGuinness’s equivocation on support for the PSNI ?

    Or is it just another tweak in the Get Adam’s Att Any Cost Campaign .?

    As for Robinson’s ‘cliche ‘

    “All democrats around the world, who believe it is an immutable obligation for every elected representative to uphold the rule of law will be nauseated etc ”

    The law is not what it used to be . Once upon a time people who stole millions -defrauded clients and bilked taxpayers for billions went to jail . Today they pay a small fine and most are never even charged . Our elected representatives prefer to kowtow to the corporate banksters rather than represent the people. When banksters support terrorists and launder drug money for Mexican cartels- I’d imagine if Hitler had to face trial in front of a modern court he’d get the Probation Act 🙁

  • The whataboutery here is misguided. There is no moral equivalence with flags protest and murder. All legal systems recognise what happened to Jean McConville as barbaric and inhumane. However, the right to march, right to protest etc. are rights that are provisional and undefined. The DUP have the right to object to any perceived misalignment in that balance. SF have no right to object to the other,

  • tacapall

    So TF your whataboutery and unionist bullyboy tactics on the PSNI is ok but everyones elses is wrong ?

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    Robinson was wrong in the past to seek to put political pressure on the police sure, as people point out here. So, being consistent, you’d accept SF are wrong to do it now?

  • Gopher

    If Robinson were arrested and similar threats were issued the Assembly would just be as doomed. Right now we are talking about the investigation of a murder and an organizations attempt through its continued presence in the offices of government to subvert that investigation. Its basically the Munich moment of the Assembly, If Peter says no problem and waves the piece in our time paper the place will have zero credibility. Who will believe the IRA cant “disappear” anyone they like and get away with it in future because they need to be appeased.

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    and also I don’t think Robinson ever sought to get a suspect out of a murder inquiry.

    Every time they fail to distinguish murder from lesser wrongs, Republicans reveal their complete lack of a moral compass. It’s really quite hard to have a sensible conversation with people who treat killing as just some other bad thing that happens.

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    Gopher, you’re right, if decent people don’t stand up to this, we might as well all go home

  • terry27

    Why haven’t Sinn Fein been berating Baggot? They haven’t mentioned him once since Gerry was arrested. He would have had to give the OK for the arrest.
    He doesn’t fit in with their idea of an old guard within the PSNI who are out to get them. They are deluded.

  • tacapall

    Yes Sinn Fein are wrong when they attempt to bully the PSNI to do what Sinn Fein want them to do MU most right think people would agree with that but its a bit nauseating that unionism believes it can lecture others about something they have done since the formation of this state.

    “As the Black Mountain says at the moment, “Time 4 Truth”

    True words Seaan. Are you local ?

  • Reader

    Mc Slaggart: Do you have know of a period when it was not dysfunctional?
    Before the St Andrews agreement. It was at least more active then.
    However, we get the politicians we deserve. (By ‘we’, of course, I don’t mean ‘me’). If people keep voting for the DUP and SF, then of course there is going to be deadlock and paralysis. The only time either party gets a smidgeon of credibility is when they are pointing fingers at each other.

  • Robinson has no credibility on this (and many other matters).
    How many times has he tried blackmail in order to get his way?
    Now he’s just pissed that McGuiness has his turn to threaten the dysfunctional Assemby.
    How is Robinson’s wife getting on by the way. When will she be fit to be hauled before the Antrim Serious Crimes Unit?

  • Son of Strongbow

    Robinson is indeed in a poor position to criticise. However I’m not sure he has ever called directly for an individual facing a serious charge to be released ‘or else’.

    Sinn Fein have lost the run of their mouths over this. Their usual play on victimhood mashed with entitlement has clashed with the need to placate the anger within their northern base whilst not scaring potential southern voters. Ironically a partitionist mindset.

    What is more worrying for NI society is that should Adams be released without charge today some may read it as “bullying” the police paying off. We may then in the future see street protests every time someone is arrested for a Troubles related offence.

    Any criticism by nationalists of such future protests will be interpreted as confirming a view, implied by the current Shinner brouhaha, that Adams, and by extension other Shinners, are regarded as deserving of ‘special’ police attention, i.e. no attention at all.

  • Gopher

    No Joe this is much deeper and much more sinister than any of Robinsons shady dealings, who would really care if Peter was arrested and if his wife is arrested there would be celebrations. This is putting leverage on the Police to cooperate with a SF agenda no one would have confidence in law and order if this is allowed to stand how could you feel safe exercising freedom of speech or a free press.

  • babyface finlayson

    As the Black Mountain says at the moment, “Time 4 Truth”
    They need to make the # bigger. I thought it said
    SF Time 4 Truth”
    Nearly had an accident on the M1 trying to read it.
    But I think Robinson has a point though it rings hollow coming from him.
    It would have been better to hear the SDLP speak up about this.
    I can’t see how the executive can continue if SF withdraw support from the police.

  • If the police have any credible evidence of someone having committed a crime, they have a responsibilty to follow the lead(s). None of our politicians should be sticking their oars in the water but they seem to be incapable of that, and we often end up with pots calling kettles black.

  • Gopher

    Joe I agree but in this case Peter as First Minister for all of us has too stick his oar in after Marty’s threat. It does not matter that he is a b****** most of the time this time he is 100% correct.

  • redstar2011

    Since when has he acted as First Minister for ” all of us?”

  • Comrade Stalin


    The DUP skirted quite close to this with the Ruth Patterson arrest and Robinson did make comments to the effect that the police could lose credibility if they were seen to be, as he saw it, making unfair decisions. However he did not go all the way to threatening to review his position on devolution.

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    Politicians simply should not be interfering in individual police cases, if we are to have a civil society. Some of us suspected Republican support for the police was wafer thin and this seems to confirm that.

  • tacapall

    But he did threaten to resign Comrade over comfort letters to republicans by the British government while brushing under the carpet an unknown number, but certainly hundreds, of royal prerogatives of mercy awarded by some unelected parasite called Mrs Windsor.

  • Mc Slaggart

    Mainland Ulsterman

    “It’s really quite hard to have a sensible conversation with people who treat killing as just some other bad thing that happens.”

    I know what you mean see that British Queen… giving out pardons making people above the law.

  • You beat me to that question, redstar.

  • Sound Bloke

    “The threat now means that ordinary decent citizens will conclude that the PSNI and the PPS have succumbed to a crude and overt political threat if Adams is not charged.”

    I presume that Robbo would consider himself an “ODC” – that’s an “ordinary decent citizen”, by the way, I wasn’t referring to Clontibret – therefore he and the party of which he is leader is concluding that any non-charging of Adams will be because of “a crude and overt political threat” from “republican bully boys” the type of threat at which he is a master.

    He is therefore dismissing the possibility that there is simply not sufficient evidence to charge Adams – what does he know that we don’t? – and creating a dangerously false scenario in which unionists and loyalists can construct yet another false grievance.

    The consequences of this could be catastrophic in the present climate. Robinson is telling already volatile loyalists, including the ones who tried to burn alive a carload of PSNI members, that the police nd the justice system are agin them, rather than wait on the outcome of police investigations. But sure, how many UVF/UDA votes would be in that?

    Referring to another Slugger thread, Robinson’s intervention is potentially putting police lives in danger as much, if not more, than McGuinness’s.

  • Mc Slaggart


    “Before the St Andrews agreement. It was at least more active then.”

    That was the happy time of Drumcree and skippy Trimble.

    I am glad you went for “active” rather than doing much of worth.

  • cynic2

    From a Unionist perspective we now see that:

    * in the run up to decommissioning the IRA imported hundreds of clean new guns from the USA so they could remain armed after they ‘decommissioned’

    * They colluded with the British Government to murder people in their won community to enforce ‘their’ law

    * They colluded with the Blair Government in giving perhaps as many as ver 350 secret pardons

    * Hundreds more were given secret OTR letters

    They now want amnesty for Saint Gerry for any alleged crimes. Its time to call a halt to this. If Unionists had known all this would they have voted for this regime.

    Either SF support the rule of law or they don’t. If they don’t lets wind this entire arrangement up. Its not worth it

  • cynic2

    “what does he know that we don’t? ”

    Well he knows as do you that Ivor Bell was charged on the basis apparently of the same body of evidence. So let us see.

    Both are innocent until proven guilty – a test that the IRA didn’t apply to Jean McConville or 2500 other victims

    We shall see if the DPP will dare tackle Adams. I suspect the decision will be ‘no prosecution in the public interest’ and perhaps I actually agree with that. He actually far too valuable as an unwitting instrument of British policy

    But what this whole saga has exposed is that the veneer of democratic behaviour on SF is paper thin

  • Reader

    Mc Slaggart: That was the happy time of Drumcree and skippy Trimble.
    I am glad you went for “active” rather than doing much of worth.

    Nice try – ‘Skippy Trimble’ was three years before the first Assembly. And surely you give Martin McGuinness credit for ending the 11 plus during the first Assembly? Difficult to see that being followed up post the St Andrew’s agreement, isn’t it?

  • redstar2011

    Are you for real cynic?

    Yeah the history of unionism in this statelet is just one uninterrupted demonstration of democracy and democratic behaviour!!!!!

  • Mc Slaggart


    “Martin McGuinness credit for ending the 11 plus”

    Ironic that the state schools are holding on to it with both hands and the CCMS is slowly bringing it to an end.

  • From Sinn Fein website:

    “Sinn Fein is Ireland’s oldest political movement. … sustainable social and economic development, genuine democracy, participation, equality and justice for all.”‎

    Does anyone spot the hypocrisy? To coin a phrase “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

  • Reader

    Mc Slaggart: Ironic that the state schools are holding on to it with both hands and the CCMS is slowly bringing it to an end.
    Incorrect. McGuinness did get rid of the 11+. If he hadn’t been in such a rush, he might have managed to get rid of academic selection too.
    And “slowly” is a bit of an understatement. In 15 years only a tiny handful of schools has been made non-selective, with the interesting result that the remainder are becoming even more popular, and even more able to select.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Hi Tacapall, local enough to watch the changing comments on the Black Mountain without crashing into other cars on the M1! There’s this place just off Falls Broadway does great coffee and you get to hear some Irish……

  • tapacall[ 11.00am] Of course that ‘s what robbo really meant but private told loyalists to take as read what hewouldn’t admit publicly. Stormont won’t survive this episode however long it takes to bring down. No comeback from this for SF/DUP linkup.

  • CS [11.31] Possibly marty ‘s threat was designed to ensure that it would be said only once then left hanging in the air untill a convenient point after elections then used to trigger the DUP to walk out rather than sf since Paisley made support of PSNI mandatory on 2007 deal, but that outcome would have same effect on SF cred after fall of Stormont..

  • Son of Strongbow

    Gerry Adams has been facilitated with a visit by Gerry Kelly at Antrim police station (a random visitor to someone undergoing police interview is itself highly unusual #politicalpolicing 😉 )

    Gerry A has allegedly expressed himself “concerned” with the effect on the reputation of the police by his arrest.

    Sinn Fein it seems might have began the process of trying to row back on the dangerous rhetoric they have indulged in over the last views days. Or in other words collective Shinner foot being slowly extracted from mouth.

    Or perhaps Robbo’s salutary words have caused them to pause for thought 🙂 🙂

  • cynic2

    Marty now says the US Government has been involved.

    The issue now seems clear. There is one law for SF and another for the rest of people in NI

    Will Ford resign? He’s in charge (though I shudder to use that term) of a shambles

  • cynic2

    “Yeah the history of unionism in this statelet is just one uninterrupted demonstration of democracy and democratic behaviour!!!!!”

    Perhaps better than we have now anyway!!!

  • BBC are reporting that Adams will be released without charge.

  • Kevsterino

    So, now that Gerry A. walks, what party has a campaign gift? Can this be considered a cruel political exploitation of the grief of Mrs. McConville’s children?

  • looneygas

    I don’t understand why they had to lock him up overnight. That’s not a nice way to treat a man who’s served as an elected member of parliament(s) for many years, and gone to great lengths to bring peace to such a Troubled land.
    Surely he would have been better able to assist the police in their investigations if he’d been allowed to leave at suppertime, stay with friends or at a hotel, then return in the morning to be of more assistance.

  • Son of Strongbow

    Adams will be released and a file will go to the DPP.

    In this part of the world arrested suspects in serious crime don’t get put up in hotels. That’s supposed to be the case no matter how ‘exalted’ the individual in question (and hence Sinn Fein’s MOPERY).

    Harsh I know but there you have it.

  • Charles_Gould

    The “theatre” aspects of this are relatively unimportant.

    What is important is that the search for justice for Jean McConville’s family must go on.

    The PSNI have an important case to investigate and many others too.

    They expect to be challenged in the way they do it, and so I am sure they have thought through carefully what they did – especially in a case as important as this one.

  • Comrade Stalin

    and gone to great lengths to bring peace to such a Troubled land.

    Before he went to great lengths to bring peace to a troubled land, he played a major role in directing the war within it.

  • “Since when has he acted as First Minister for ” all of us?” ”


    That is why under the GFA you have a deputy first minister who, I’m sure, most unionists don’t think behaves like a DFA for all of them.

  • Greenflag

    Comrade Stalin

    ‘he played a major role in directing the war within it.’

    There were many more directing the war on the ‘other ” side – will any of them have to face questioning under arrest for several days ?

    I think not .

    So exactly what was the Circus about ? It seems it was no more than the usual Get Adams At Any Cost – Some folks are doing their damndest to bring down the Assembly it seems .

    Problem being for political unionism if Robinson pulls the plug political unionism will be the biggest loser yet again .

    For Robinson it’s always going to be a lose lose strategy from here on to the day they finally wrap up the farce on the Hill .

    @ Kevsterino ,

    ” Can this be considered a cruel political exploitation of the grief of Mrs. McConville’s children?”

    Indeed . The Get Adams At Any Cost campaign is already looking for another opportunity for political exploitation 🙁

  • Gopher

    Interesting the PSNI kick the can down the road to the DPP,now perception can run wild.

  • Son of Strongbow

    The usual suspects stepping up to defend Dear Leader from these slings and arrows of outrageous fortune directed at poor Jarry.

    Whataboutery mortars have already been deployed along with abuse-sniper attacks at the Prod “cabal” in the police.

    Meanwhile Jarry has been hiding in the enemy barracks for over an hour now having been released some time ago.

    Sometime in the days to come a file will be forwarded to his old solicitor’s (Barra McGrory) office.

  • Gopher

    Not looking good for the assembly the perceptions are running wild quicker than I thought.

  • gilbert paul jeannon

    R.I.C ,R.U.C P.S.N.I still 100% Unionist ,as they uphold the rule of law.
    Surely the only way we can have some clarification on policing on this island is to accept the fact that the only good police force / sevice is one that employs less criminals than it catches. How can a subject give unconditional support to the politically led PSNI. Its history goes back to those days of active state collusion in destroying Republicanism..whatever happened to that book “The Commitee”.which listed enough instances of RUC collaboration with terrorism.

  • jagmaster

    Gone very quiet on the Adams front here all of a sudden. There seemed to be a new headline every 2 or 3 hours since Wednesday but now he’s been released nothing. Funny that.

  • Charles_Gould

    Gopher – I don’t think there will be problems for the Assembly from this. Though the comments on policing have proven awkward.

  • Son of Strongbow

    Indeed Gopher. I’m channelling some nationalist paranoia stylee to see how it fits.

    I’m concerned about dark green forces within the PPS. Also why is Jarry still in the barracks?

    Is he manufacturing material for a follow-up to ‘Before the Yawn’? ‘Long Wait for Freedom’ perhaps?

  • Charles_Gould

    Eamonn McCann making some fairly arcane points on BBC News. But he says that the PSNI may have little to go on, from the Boston Tapes themselves.

  • SK

    “Gone very quiet on the Adams front here all of a sudden. There seemed to be a new headline every 2 or 3 hours since Wednesday but now he’s been released nothing. Funny that.”

    Isn’t it though?

    An opinion poll down here over the weekend suggested that this little stunt effect would have no effect on the Sinn Fein’s European vote whatsoever. Likewise, up north, Alex Kane and others have been speculating that this might even boost their vote. So no harm done, it would seem.

    And what happens next? In the medium term, when the Paratroopers are inevitably lifted, unionism won’t have a leg to stand on. We’ll see if their fine words about nobody being above the law hold water when it’s the boys in uniform who have their collars felt. But that’s for another day. In the short term, we all get to see the usual Loyalist mongloids making a show of themselves, once more, for old time’s sake, on Sky News. Right now they’re blocking a decoy vehicle from leaving the station because they think Gerry’s in the back. He isn’t.

    Gerry’s long gone, lads. Gerry’s home and dry.

  • Comrade Stalin


    Interesting the PSNI kick the can down the road to the DPP,now perception can run wild.

    Only among the uninformed.

    It is always the DPP that decides whether there will be a prosecution or not – not the police.

    The “released pending a file sent to the DPP” statement usually means that the records of the interviews and any evidence have been sent to the DPP but the decision has been made not to prosecute.

  • Niall Noigiallach

    They always had little to go on Charles but Eamon raised some excellent and valid points. Now that Gerry has been released it’s back down to earth again with a wallop for you kiddo. Ah well, I’m sure you’re allowed to stay up past eleven since there’s no school tomorrow.

    SoS – fleggers outside Antrim cop shop, geg. I gotta gets me a McKenzie tracksuit and bad haircut too. I gots me a union to save and an education to avoid!

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    Free at last. Award-winning poet and barman Gerry Adams is released to continue his heroic struggle for Irish freedom, utterly exonerated over his totally fabricated not-at-all-true terrorist career in which he was never in the IRA let alone a leader who represented it in talks with the British government.

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    Ah well, it’s been a good bit of bank holiday weekend fun anyway. I’d love it if they pulled him again next week for another of his murders and kept it going for all 1,700 or so. If the police just took one of his organisation’s murders a week, we could have Adams in questioning in Antrim every week for the next 32 years. A fitting way to see the great man through to his twilight years, I think you’ll agree.

    32 years none of his victims got, by the way.

  • SK

    I love the smell of atavism in the evening.

    “we could have Adams in questioning in Antrim every week for the next 32 years….32 years none of his victims got, by the way.”

    It’s always fascinated me how even the most high-minded of unionists can become blethering (libellous?) idiots just as soon as something doesn’t go their way.

  • DC

    I have to agree with you SK about the number of posts on the news of Gerry Adams.

    Mr Fealty showed a lack of restraint imo esp given the circumstances 😉

  • Niall Noigiallach

    “It’s always fascinated me how even the most high-minded of unionists can become blethering (libellous?) idiots just as soon as something doesn’t go their way.”

    Don’t be like that SK, the past few hours have been tough for them. It’s like being told you’re going on holiday to Florida only to find out you’re going to Millisle

  • Son of Strongbow


    You’re having it both ways: saying the “DPP decides” on a prosecution, and then going on to say that the papers have been sent to the DPP “but the decision has been made not to prosecute”.

    In practice the police (dark or light side take you’re pick) prepare a file (this will take time) for the prosecuting authorities, a file that will include any evidence, supporting statements, the interview tapes and transcripts.

    On the file the police SIO (senior investigating officer) will recommend charges, that can be put at a later date. The prosecutor can go with the police recommendations, change the charges, require further enquiries to be made to support existing/new charges, or decide not to prosecute.

  • Kevsterino

    It’s a yank cultural reference, but this repetition of errors in dealing with Gerry A. reminds me of Homer Simpson, looking longingly at the bacon frying in the pan, tries to grab it in his fingers, “Doh”, again, “Doh”, again “Doh”.

    It is just a trap, but they don’t seem to comprehend. Even when burned time after time.

  • Gopher

    @CS You don’t know what its means neither does anyone else hence perception is currently running wild.

    @Charles, Marty has now made it very clear that SF support is conditional on immunity cant see how *any* party outside SF can accept that let alone the DUP and UUP.

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    so SK, you’re denying Adams was an IRA leader? That his IRA killed 1,700+ people during their “campaign” to “free Ireland” from “the Brits”? If I’ve said anything even vaguely controversial, I’ll hold my hands up.

  • Kevsterino

    SoS, Comrade did say ‘usually’, did he not?

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    and btw I don’t think anyone thought we’d actually ever see Adams even under arrest, so we’re in clover on this side – it’s all good and I’m still enjoying it. Watching the comedy press conference now for some more classics – they rarely let me down, let’s hear what they come up with this time …

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    Have you any words Gerry for the people who sent bad will messages? Go on, give us a mention

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    “The past needs to be dealt with … but there can be no going back.” Where is the past then Gerry?

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    pernacious isn’t a word

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    “I want to live in a peaceful Ireland based on equality …” Which I pursued by blasting everyone to kingdom come for 30 years

  • Niall Noigiallach

    Brilliant MU, brilliant

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    in fairness to Gerry that was one heck of a speach.

    Media questions terrible though…

  • Comrade Stalin


    No dispute with you there (you are much better informed than me on these matters) but I think we agree; there is no notion of the police kicking the can down the road; it is always the DPP who make the decision in the end anyway.

  • Gopher

    In fairness to Gerry Adams after Marty there was some serious backpedaling to be done.

  • Son of Strongbow



    The press conference was fun. Poor Marty had to sit quietly and keep his bake shut.

    Usual hard-hitting questions from the media (the Shinners are obviously still employing a strict door policy).

    The little plaintive voice from the back asking “Are you ok” even brought a lump to my throat. There’s a journo with a great future.

  • Comrade Stalin

    No doubt that Gerry gave a highly polished performance just now.

    Of course, at the same time, there is nothing else he could have done. He had to come out and take the moral high ground by restating his support for the police – there was no other way he could have dealt with it.

    It is not the first time I have seen this kind of response from SF. Specifically, back when the GFA was published, and again when Patten was published, senior SFers were doing interviews that were critical and seemed to suggest that there were problems (I recall Alex Maskey in particular saying that Patten was unacceptable to republicans as it did not ban the use of plastic bullets). Gerry would then come out, support the full implementation of the document, and the rest of them would then fall into line. Adams is keenly aware of the benefits of appearing to be magnanimous, to support things that on face value appear to fall short of SF’s expectations; he knows that by giving something his full endorsement it puts pressure on others to follow suit. Gerry in particular will be aware that his unconditional release could provoke unionists into swallowing their words about unequivocal support for police independence.

    I see all the Shinners on twitter going apeshit about how the supposed conspiracy “backfired” but there was nothing to backfire. The police followed up an investigation as far as they could and determined that there was not enough material to press charges. Sinn Féin have staged a deft and masterful recovery from a difficult situation.

  • Bishops Finger

    The police followed up an investigation as far as they could and determined that there was not enough material to press charges

    So you expected gerry to confess to whatever was put to him, just like that?

  • Comrade Stalin


    Strange comment.

  • thisagain

    Oh please, if the shoe was on the other foot and it was Robinson being questioned about a dispicable cowardly murder of a mother of ten wee ones would the Shinners be jumping up and down about ‘political policing’? The photos shown with Mandela and Adams shows how media savvy they are, but they are in danger of elevating their leaders to demi-god status. That fact is they have made a lot of enemies within the republican movement and it is only a matter of time before someone with an axe to grind breaks the provo omearta. Especially if it will get themselves a reduced sentence. Does anybody actually believe Adams had nothing to do with it? Even after his so called comrades fingered him for it? If anything was political it was his release.

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    Will be interesting to see if he’s ever charged. You’d imagine not based on the spin he came out with and in terms of the political consequences. On the other hand, perhaps the cops didn’t want the baggage of pressing charges and thus, are passing the buck…. Hard to know.

    Any chance of a civil action coming?

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    Although I switched the press conference off part-way through out of boredom, and because I wanted to watch Spiderman with my kids, there was some interesting stuff in there (hidden amongst the usual faux-MLK w**k). In particular, as Gopher says, that was some back-pedalling we saw there. As I posted on another thread, it looks very like the former IRA leader was a little spooked by the opening up of a discourse from his own community which threatened to go seriously off-message. Quite a reassertion of control after McGuinness’s wild words, I thought.

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    I’d add, the Kremlinology of it is quite enjoyable. Maybe it’s because I’m reading Anne Applebaum at the moment and have just returned from Hungary, but I increasingly think the Republican Movement is the nearest thing we have to some of those 1950s eastern block regimes. I wonder what their Berlin Wall moment will be … it’s surely just a matter of time.

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    Um, yes. It’s his duty.

  • Niall Noigiallach

    “Although I switched the press conference off part-way through out of boredom”

    Aye, right. You did aye. Howl on til I peel this grape here sure. The fact that you’ve even felt the need to tell us what you “watched with the kids” means you really went, checked the tv guide to see what was on at the same time as the presser and then came back to defend your meltdown above. Must be the season for bearded liars eh, MU?

    “I wonder what their Berlin Wall moment will be … it’s surely just a matter of time.”

    It’s the eastern block now is it? Jesus Christ almighty. And they say the union is “safe”. Yep, like a chocolate fireguard