Cartoon – Loyal to whom?

Martin McGuinness, Queen Elizabeth, Brian John Spencer

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  • Greenflag

    Should’nt that be ‘Traitors ‘ plural ? After all Queenie let the side down badly by meeting Northern Ireland’s elected Deputy First Minister or does ‘democracy ‘ not count any more assuming it ever did in NI .

    PS You might have shown the reverse side of the 1916 card . It probably said 1690 😉

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    The Queen isn’t loyal enough anymore for loyal loyalists.

    It reminds me of the Southpark episode where Jesus wasn’t Catholic enough for the Bill Donohue and the American Catholic League so they wanted rid of him.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Am Ghobsmacht, “The Queen isn’t loyal enough anymore for loyal loyalists.”

    There’s something of a rich tradition in this attitude, as the blatant betrayal of an extremely tolerant, forward looking, profoundly liberal king, James II (Scotland: VII) is the inceptive action that marked the birth pangs of Ulster Loyalism. It’s all a bit like Jungian projection, all the bad is projected out, its the other guys fault and no-one could ever have been more consistent in their loyalty……

  • Mickish

    Slugger,if you were a bit more loyal to your roots it would serve you better.Martin McGuiness shook the Queens hand for the good of all the people of Ireland.You have took the Queens and may i add,the free states purse,for nothing else,only your personal gain.Shame on you Mick!

  • Mickish, although Martin McGuinness and Peter Robinson get to carve-out the NI budget, Martin was in Windsor and London as part of #TeamIreland-26. Those who attempt to portray him as part of #TeamUK are barking up the wrong tree.

  • Greenflag


    ‘The Queen isn’t loyal enough anymore for loyal loyalists.’

    Looks like the old dear has gone all ‘Lundy’ in her dotage .
    At least AG you now have the highest ranking ‘role model’ possible for your flirtations with the one who would have opened the gates for King James 😉

    As to your JC Southpark episode -must have missed that one I can imagine JC returning to Belfast and attempting to deliver his Sermon on the Mount speech to the denizens of said city . Somehow I see in the minds eye a shower of bricks and bottles heading for JC while amongst the throwers is heard the garbled , drunken outbursts suitably coloured in the local vernacular along the lines of ;

    “what a load of bollixology this ‘love your neighbour stuff ‘
    That &^%#@ never had to have a Fenian /Jaffa head as a neighbour: “

  • Am Ghobsmacht


    I’ll raise ya:

    What if King Billy were about today and supported gay rights (it’s widely believed he wouldn’t be adverse to this idea)?

    The Rainbow Order?

    I doubt it… (though the parades would be a lot more fun I’d imagine)

  • Greenflag


    This thread is becoming hair raising enough as it is .All I’ll say is King Billy was no JC .

    He was a brave wee fecker by all accounts ,despite his hump and his rumoured gayness much , more so than Seamus a Caca (James the Sith thats deliberately mispelt ( as the latter was known by his Irish speaking troops .

    So unlike JC -King Billy would have startled the mob by returning the shower of bricks and bottles with interest and would not have turned the other cheek until perhaps later in the evening when he was amongst like minded friends and companions 😉

    As to a Rainbow Order ?

    The first requirement for admission would mean I would be inadmissable which is not too serious as I’m missed by nobody anyway . The second requirement i.e believing that at the end of the rainbow there lies a pot of gold would increase potential membership by 330 million Americans and millions more outside these islands .

    Alas it would disqualify most Irish people who are now of the belief that the ‘pot of gold ‘ was never there in the first place and the rest i.e ingrates like myself who hold firmly to the belief that it was there but was stolen by those international bankster *********rds .

    KIng Billy’s loyal descendants however still firmly believe that the pot of gold and the gift that keeps giving is kept somewhere in a deep vault under Westminster .

    You may slag them all you like but you have to admire their faith in the half crown ;)?