Policing board’s Epaphroditos to Ford’s Nero

Nero is said to have been killed (albeit at his own request – or he may have committed suicide) by his private secretary Epaphroditos. David Ford’s (aka little Nero) solo run to change the rules for appointing the new Chief Constable has been slapped down by the Policing Board.

From the BBC:

At a meeting on Thursday, board members agreed to formally reject the justice minister’s proposal and told Mr Ford it intends to use the existing rules to recruit the PSNI’s next top officer.

It was unclear whether Ford would have been able to ignore the position of the rest of the Executive. His decision had been attacked by both the DUP and Sinn Fein (the parties which gave him the job outside the normal d’Hondt rules).

From the BBC again:

…the fact that the board has officially told the justice minister that it intends to use the current rules means a change to the recruitment requirements is highly unlikely.

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