Basil’s Stormont Creep Show is pathetic

BBC: “The Miss Ulster competition is being held at the seat of Northern Ireland’s government this weekend.”

“The women in Miss Ulster, they’re not just getting judged on their looks, they’re being judged on their personality, on how capable they are of being an ambassador for Ulster.”

Right, then.

If I’m understanding this logic, the SDLP’s Delores Kelly and ex-UUP, ex-serious guy, Basil McCrea, will be telling some young women this: “sorry, you’ve a great personality and scored high on ambassador potential but your looks scored poorly”.

There’s a joke in there somewhere, I guess.

Do you think Delores Kelly would be offended if she was excluded from the judging panel on the grounds of how she looks?

One competition organizer helpfully informs us:

“I think we should just take it for what it is, it shouldn’t be controversial. There’s nothing undignified or degrading to these girls.”

“…these girls”. .. Nothing controversial, degrading or undignified there then.

Nor in the notion that a competition purporting measure candidates for “Miss Ulster” is measuring their looks, i.e. nothing more than a genetic lottery.

Nor on the idea of an “ambassador search” that excludes most of the catchment area’s female population based on their physical size.

Nor in the preposterous spectacle of judges passing judgment on criteria none of them share.