Decommissioning advice for Damascus?

Is a de Chastelain-type decommissioning process soon to hit Damascus? Will our own international  peacemakers rush over to give advice? But which side would they advise?  Al-Assad or the Russians and their nominees?  It took the good general 10 long years and a lot of guile from Gerry Adams, as that connoisseur of IRA strategy Ed Moloney recalled.  Barack Obama should ask the Clintons what he’s letting himself in for. Off the hook perhaps?. Ten years is two and a half presidential terms away.

Bernadette McAliskey once compared the peace process to pushing a fly down the neck of a wine bottle. Eventually a point would be reached when there was no traction left and the fly would fall, helpless, to the bottom of the bottle where it would drown in the dregs. Mendacity was the stick that pushed the fly down the neck of the bottle.

In fact it would be no exaggeration to say that the ability of Gerry Adams to lie and fool so expertly was the peace process’ most valuable asset

Not that Moloney is any fan of US secretary of State John Kerry