Nelson McCausland gives his reaction to Spotlight at Social Development Committee (updated with audio)

After an exchange of late night/early morning text messages between the Social Development committee chair Alex Maskey and DSD Minister Nelson McCausland, the minister appeared before the commttee at 11am this morning.

The committee’s current membership is:

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  • Alliance- Judith Cochrane
  • DUP Paula Bradley, Sammy Douglas, Gregory Campbell, Pam Brown
  • Independent – David McClarty
  • SF – Alex Maskey (chair), Mickey Brady (deputy chair), Fra McCann
  • SDLP – Mark H Durkan
  • UUP – Michael Copeland

Background – I talked to the committee’s chair Alex Maskey in December 2011 about the role and power of the committees and his own approach to and relationship with the minister.

I’ll embed the video when this morning’s BBC Democracy Live recording of the minister’s hour-long response and further committee questioning is online.

In the meantime, you can listen to the DSD Minister’ robust defence of the allegations made about him (and his special advisor Stephen Brimstone) in the two parts below.