“Win a weekend break for two in Londonderry”


Hi yous’uns,  just marvel at this  Daily Telegraph headline as it echoes round your brain

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  • So what?

  • GavBelfast

    The absence of the term “Derry”?

    I like the image and the headline – a bit hard to believe but all the better to see the city being marketed in a positive light.

    If the non-use of Derry is a beef, better take that up with the sponsors then …. you might be surprised / amused by who that is (and think they might know better, lol) ….

  • Brian Walker

    Ah please with all due respect to freedom of expression, please spare us any more about the name..

    I’m just pointing out a headline that almost speaks for itself, in contrast to the time when you needed permission to drive into the old city during the siege of the seventies, and it was quite hard to buy even a fresh carrot.

  • babyface finlayson

    I’ve seen very little on Slugger about the city of culchies…I mean culture.
    Was there not a question of them not hitting their targets?
    Was there not a resignation?
    I recall hearing Malachi O’Doherty being quite scathing on Radio Ulster about the opening ceremony,but I don’t think Slugger touched it.

  • GavBelfast

    I thought you might have been a bit preoccupied about the name – not me.

    We’re on the same wavelength after all, then, eventually ,…

    I wonder if the competition is legal? It says only residents of “Great Britain” are eligible to enter ….

  • wild turkey

    ‘I wonder if the competition is legal? It says only residents of ‘Great Britain” are eligible to enter ….’

    better yet, for those who are bi-polar, one can go to Derry, the other to Londonderry. and everyone is content.

    given the proven track record of the city to hustle external funding on the legacy of troubles and tragedy, it’s been Fat City for decades.

    … and now for some kulture

  • The Raven

    Super. Changed times. I like it.

    What I don’t like is the picture of Dunluce Castle further down the page, under the title “Getting to Londonderry”.

    We don’t like that over here. Any more than The Wans like being referred to as being at the arse end of the Causeway Coast/North Coast.

    Which, of course, they are. 😉

  • For anyone who hasn’t previously visited Derry, a free weekend will be interesting and lots of fun, I’m sure.

  • FDM

    It is spelled Lononderry.

    But the London bit is silent.

  • Mister Joe[12.08]
    This offer reminds me of the Ulster’71 offer by Stormont of a weekend for two open to Britain based folk to have a free weekend in NI even while, in the aftermath of Internment being introduced, the troubles were bedding in and the two main cities were in chaos. Derry looks good now especially in the film ‘Jump’ which is set here.

  • sonofstrongbow

    What’s second prize? A full week?