Futile Border Poll campaign to launch

What is presumably a Sinn Fein border poll initiative is to launch on Friday with mock polls planned for Crossmaglen and Creggan Upper (in County Louth)

Presumably taking a leaf out of the People`s Pledge EU Referendum Campaign who held their own polls in certain constituencies last year. Of course the credibility of holding such a border poll in an avowedly Republican area won`t stand for much. But is it a sign of Sinn Fein desperation and will we have to put up with more such futile gesture politics in the run up to the 1916 centenary?

Personally I would opt to call their bluff (backed up by election, polls and census data).

Indeed Sinn Fein have admitted that such a poll would fail if held today. And why do Sinn Fein continue with their disproven line of argument on identity? Gerry Adams, Martina Anderson and others have all trotted out census data to show a British minority by lumping Irish and Northern Irish identities together).

Anderson recently delivered a speech:

“The political geography of the North is changing. Recent census figures reveal a shift with 40% of people stating they had a British only identity. A quarter stated they had an Irish only identity and just over a fifth had a Northern Irish only identity. That’s 46% with some form of Irish only identity.”

Nip it in the bud. Hold the border poll at the same time as the Scottish independence referendum and tie the Unionist campaigns together  under the Better Together banner.