What was your sporting moment of 2012?

Mine? It was one of two. Donegal winning the Ulster championship, or winning the All Ireland.

Oh yes, there was the look on Sir Alex Ferguson’s face when Man City took the Premiership off Man U at the very last minute.

It was made all the better because I was the only Blue in the pub at the time, and there were several (very loud) Reds who had already started celebrating.

It helped too that the QPR fans (the largest single group in the pub) all came over to congratulate me warmly, even though they’d just been beaten.

But Donegal GAA was the first love of my sporting life. My first big match was the Ulster Final of 1966, when the great Down team of the 60s gave poor old Donegal a lesson in the rudiments of the game.

I remember the long miserable ride home, for me and the Da at least. My mum and sister were unremittingly for Down.

This year, it was Donegal’s turn to show their class, not once, but twice. It’s the rising out of all those years of promising, but dismissable anonymity that made this year so much sweeter.

The Da would have been proud of his native county. And I expect the Ma, a Down woman to her fingertips, would have been too.

So give us your sporting highlights? And what it means to you?

  • boondock

    High – Europes comeback in the Ryder Cup to leave the yanks shell shocked
    I also enjoyed the Heineken cup with a few great performances from Ulster especially against Munster in the QF shame they hit a blue wall in the final

    Low – Trappatoni and Kidney continue to fail big time and insist on ridiculous team selections and tactics that dont work but neither has a plan B so they keep dishing up plan A and the worst bit it is both of them actually believe they are doing a good job!!!

  • Chris Donnelly

    Great idea Mick.
    I’ve two highlights as well.
    Firstly, attending Notre Dame’s season beginning game against Navy at the Aviva Lansdowne Road with 30,000 fellow ND fanatics who’d made the journey from the States. The season just got better from there, with the Fighting Irish ending undefeated and securing a spot in January’s title game (more on that in the weeks ahead…)
    Secondly, the London Olympiad. It was a wonderful period in our collective British & Irish sporting histories, with nothing but positive stories from the Opening Ceremony onwards. Whilst the Katie Taylor gold was my personal favourite, the genuine goodwill and sense of affinity between the Irish and British publics and sporting fraternities was heartwarming.

  • Nordie Northsider

    As a United fan, it’s not that I’m bitter, but it must be hard for Man City fans to pick their favourite moment from a year that saw Balotelli take his own club to a tribunal, the club getting its annual losses down from 195 million to a mere 100 million, pick up the lowest points tally for a British club in the history of the Champions League, see Tevez refuse to take the field and then go AWOL in Argentina.
    With so much to celebrate, it’s no wonder that City are winning friends and admirers all over the world.

  • Mick Fealty

    Bitter, much? Come on, go positive for a moment?

  • iluvni

    Niall McGinn’s goal in Portugal

  • Nordie Northsider

    Ok, Mick – United ending City’s unbeaten home stretch. The Coleraine rowers weren’t half bad either.

  • BarneyT

    I’d just passed through customs at Dublin airport to be greeted in the main hall with about 200 people standing stock still as the final of the 100m was about to unfold. All faces were glued to the screen. There was silence which was only broken by the starter gun and off they went. Seeing Bolt surge to a win against some predictions was a magic moment for me. The crowd then went about their business.

    Watching Murray win gold in the olymics sitting ourside the Derby Assembly rooms watching the big screen. It was spitting. If course Murrays US win was great for me and I hope, the Scots.

    I’m far from a Chelsea supporter but seeing Di Mateo accommplish a CL win was fantastic for him.

    And last but not least, I broke the 6 million mark on flick soccer on my iphone.

  • Mick Fealty

    I love it that we can still get under your red skin… You guys just had it too easy for too long: http://goo.gl/5U2HK

  • Nordie Northsider

    No one can hurt me – I’m a Derry GAA follower. We were born to suffer.

  • Rory Carr

    For me Mo Farah’s magnificent 5000 metres gold win after his great tactical winning run in the 10,000 metres was the icing on the cake.

  • Gmulvz

    Crusaders lifting the Setanta and League cups.

  • Katie Taylor winning Gold.

  • BarneyT

    Yes Rory….after a few bottles of wine…and depression kicks in…his face as he crossed the line was most likely to drive me to tears….as any chick flick would at that point…. 🙂 Outstanding achievement.

  • cityman

    This is what it means be City. (And please keep the bitterness coming Nordie)

  • Zig70

    Donegal were hugely impressive, All ireland club final was a fantastic day out for Ulster and Cross’ recent final was great to watch. Loved the Olympics and nearly got booted out of the house over it. The best moment however was probably watching my u10 timid son hook and dispossess a talented u12 kid in a hurling training match. Low’s were Ireland in Poland and Ulster v Leinster. Hopefully this weekend will be a turnaround.

  • paddywhack

    The final day of the prem league season will never leave me. It can’t ever be as dramatic as that again I feel. I just love that Utd fans are still really sore with it all – which is evident in Northsider’s blathering about debt and Tevez. The important thing is Tevez came back after his wee huff and became instrumental in taking your title :P. As for debt? Stones, glass houses an all that noa mean…

  • unrepentantmick

    Highs include: all the Irish medal winning boxers’ performances in London,Galway’s spectular Leinster hurling final dethroning of KK,Man City’s travails in the Champions League,Jessica Ennis rising spectacularly to the Olympic occasion given the huge pressure she was subjected to.Lionel Messi continues to thrill,amaze&awe-strike in equal measue.
    Lows were over-abundant;Irl soccer team plumbing new depths of ineptitude in Poland;NZ’s whitewash of Irish rugby team during summer tour&England thrashing Irl at Twickenham.Tipp hurler’s farcical trouncing at hands of a gleefully merciless KK in all-Irl S-F.United throwing away eight point lead in EPL culminating in those agonising last couple of minutes on last day of the season.
    Roll on 2013!

  • keano10

    Highlight of the year was the little lady at City Hall who shouted “No Surrender” through the door and who unwittingly became the focus of a Youtube epedimic which saw her super-imposed in countless movies ranging from The Shining to Jaws…

  • Nordie Northsider

    Cityman, paddywack, what I wrote was a bit tongue in cheek ‘ not that I’m bitter, but…’

    In fact, I don’t begrudge City their moment any more than I begrudged Blackburn Rovers their day in the sun. Kings for a day, just like City.

  • Mick Fealty


    Aye, but what a day… Thanks cityman for the reminder… Having stood on the Kippax a few times myself, I get exactly where those tears of joy are coming from…

    A generation of season tickets at Old Trafford could not buy you that…

  • grandimarkey

    While the results left most folk wanting, my sporting highlight was the Euros. Easily one of the best weeks craic I’ve ever had, we as a nation represented ourselves fantastically and had an immense amount of fun doing it. I’ve never drank like that in my life and I doubt I’ll ever manage that amount of super-strong Polish Everything ever again, there were thousands of pale human shells walking around Poznan by the end of the tournament, not a useable voice in anyone and a serious desire to sit in a health-clinic for a month. Amazing fun.

    A definite runner-up, which any other year would be a clean first prize winner, was being in Glasgow when Celtic beat Barcelona. The city was jumping and the celebrations ran well into the night. It was an incredible achievement.

    I’m looking forward to what 2013 has to bring…

  • Mark

    Kenny Dalglish getting sacked !

    Ricky Hatton getting knocked out in his comeback fight !

    United signing Robin Van Persie ! ………and of course Katie Taylor .

  • Definitely the last day of the Ryder Cup. Unbelievable.

  • BluesJazz

    Our win over India in the Test series just finished was the outstanding team achievement of the year.

    Frankel was the individual achiever of the year. 13 Group 1’s .Hats off to Sir Henry Cecil.

    And Bradley Wiggins being the first ever Tour de France winner from this country was the icing on the cake.

  • between the bridges

    Orangeman wining a medal at the Olympics…

  • GavBelfast

    The Olympics and Paralympics and the affinity they created between the athletes and the public.

  • sbelfastunionist

    I agree that the Olympics were the sporting gift that kept on giving. Screaming Mo Farah on from my sofa was probably the happiest I was all year. Andy Murray starting off a great year for him and Tom Daley’s final were also great highlights. Most of all though is the memory of so many people like me who aren’t particularly sporting but who set their schedules for 2 weeks to watch sports they could never have imagined being bothered about!

  • latcheeco

    1. Celtic beating Barcelona at home
    2.. Number one ranked Kansas State losing to Stanford and number two ranked Oregan losing to Baylor on the same night to make the Irish no1
    3.The Shenanigans at Ibrox
    4.The Queen parachuting in with James Bond to open the Olympics

  • USA

    1. Man City’s amazing league win. As somewhat of a neutral I was speechless at what I was watching.

    2. Rangers going bust was indeed a long drawn out saga, like the gift that just kept giving.

    3. Celtic reaching the last 16 in the Champions League.

  • It was a year when there was an embarassment of riches. Even if you take the London Olympics out of the mix, you still have a glut of international sporting glory for UK sportsmen on an almorst unprecedented scale. That run of Glory may only just have ended today when Eoin Morgan hit a six off the last ball of the match to seal victory for England against India in the T20 match.

    I am now trying to think of those moments that gave me the most amount of pleasure. I watched England beat the All blacks with their greatest ever win. For a rugby fan like me, that was rather delicious. However, I dont think anything compares with that 46 minutes in the Olympic Stadium on the night of 4-8-12 when we witnessed victories from Jessica Ennis, Greg Rutherford and Mo Farrah.

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    Personally, it was being at thomand park to watch Ulster beat Munster in the HEC quarters – amazing day.

    Ryder cup was stunning. Man city amazing, chelski superb and of course Bradley Wiggins the sensation on 2 wheels.

    Amazing year for sport.

  • forthman

    Next year it will be Ulster rugby.
    This year it has to be Katy Taylor. Although for many reasons it has been an exceptional year for the northerners. Katy’s honest dignity, and get stuck in fearless attitude was humbling.
    The atmosphere was truly unique. She is a credit to the nation.

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    I was reduced to tears so many times in the Olympics I lost count. And upon every repeat. Happily the wife bought me the dvd for Christmas so I can cry at the push of a button. Mo Farah was the big one for me, whether the 5 or the 10 – the refugee story, the passionate Londoner, the pregnant missus and daughter on the track. But it was his facial expression on both home straights that did it – the mix of disbelief, elation, panic. One of those moments when you think sport is better than any theatre.

  • Enjoyed thoroughly both the Olympics and Euro2012 without ever feeling too personally involved or moved.

    Two events which did affect personally, at two opposite ends of the spectrum were (negatively) City’s last gasp theft of the title and (positively) Niall’s goal in Porto. Felt completely drained at the end of both games.