Loyalists seek to ratchet up sectarian ante as Unionist MLAs protest outside Long’s office 24 hrs after murder bid

As the loyalists protests continue to garner small numbers, it would appear that loyalists are resorting to the age old tactic of seeking to provoke conflict with their catholic neighbours in order to sustain the road blocking campaign. In Armagh last night, loyalists attacked a catholic-owned bar whilst a number of road blocking protests continue to be organised at interface areas across Belfast, including at the Broadway roundabout and Hesketh Road/ Crumlin Road junction in North Belfast, where loyalists erected new flags outside Mercy Primary school for girls (that’ll show them wee girls who’s boss!) A protest is planned for Carlisle Circus at 5pm on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the loyalist facebook page where the illegal road blocking protests are posted has stated tonight that unionist politicians led a protest outside Naomi Long’s constituency office just 24 hours after loyalists attempted to kill PSNI officers protecting the office.

From the site:

Right folks as im sure you can appreciate there was a lot of anger and a lot of back and forth arguing. The basic outcome was that the people no longer recognise the current representation and that its time they took some responsibility for the spiltting of votes. They were told unequivocally that the only acceptable outcome is the flag flying in its rightful place 365 days a year. It was also the

overwhelming feeling that we feel unrepresented and that we want a single joint voice in unionism. They agreed to take this back to their parties. Obviously politicians are about as trustworthy as mcdonalds with a cow. Which is why we demanded they, in a show of solidarity led us united im peaceful protest to the alliance office. Long enough Allowing news to get wind of it to report which means now they have to support all peaceful protests. Plus, the difference in police action was monumentally different. As soon as they realised polotical representitves were there they backed right off after orogionally sending a small army of police in. I hope others using the page were there and csn report on sny point i may have missed as I hope ypu csn u understand it was very difficult to take everything in whilst also trying to speak and put questions forth myself.
There will be another meeting at the same time next week as they come back to us!!
Amd I would say this to you. Anyone who disagrees with whats being said to politicians, turn up at the next one rather than just come on here and rant
As another result of the meeting monday has neen collected for mpre flags. And also talk of a mass raleigh into town. Hopefully this will be further explored next week. Last thing is the ladies doing an amazing job of protesting daily at the east belfast alliance office habe decided to keep it going everyday at 3.30. So please show your support and come along to support them. No Surrender!! NN

Interestingly, a number of commenters have used the site to complain about the poor turnouts:

Colin McCrory
Needing support & numbers for blocking Hillview / crumlin rd. where is everyone?

not a great turnout for ballysillan but we did what we set out to do for an hour

Joanne Warren Disgusted at the poor attendance.strongly worded but true
And on the intimidatory practice of flag erection:
ennyleigh McKinley fair play to the lads who put them up on joanmount…got grief from residents and police and just carried on…well done