Big Politics Pub Quiz: one day to go!

There’s just a day to go before the Great Big Politics Pub Quiz, so we hope you’re busy swotting up from Schott’s Almanac of Political Trivia, BBC Democracy Live, Hansard, 1996 Forum Election manifestoes and your box-sets of The Thick of It / The West Wing (delete as applicable).

Some of our legislators will be among us, laying down the law from the quizmaster’s chair from 7:30pm or thereabouts in The Black Box.

This year, we’re raising money for the emergency work of the Red Cross / Red Crescent in Syria. Tens of thousands of people have now lost their lives in this conflict, even more have been injured and there is no end in sight. Red Cross / Red Crescent volunteers – both in Syria and in neighbouring countries – are responding to the humanitarian crisis despite the threat to their own lives.

Every penny raised from the Quiz will go to support their work.

There are some terrific politics-themed books, DVDs and US election ephemera up for grabs, courtesy of ‘quiz best friends’, Stratagem. If you need a comedy break from all those brain-scrambling posers, that’s provided too, thanks to stand-up Ronan Linskey.

You can still guarantee your team’s seats via online booking at The Black Box website or in person at the Hill Street venue. Advance ticket sales have been very healthy (thanks!), but there should be some available on the door as well. Maximum team size of six (ish) please.

Look forward to seeing you.

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  • Mr Corrigan, can you confirm entry fee per team/per person?

  • Drumlins Rock

    you going FJH? might go if you are!

  • Oh as long as its cash-on-the door I might (I would have to discuss it with Mrs FitzjamesHorse but as it is almost our anniversary, I think a Politics Quiz Night qualifies as “going out”)……I see £7 per person so its a cheap night out……if I have read it right.

  • £7 per person Mr FjH. You can buy your ticket in advance or at the door on Tuesday night.
    C’mon DR, you too. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

  • Drumlins Rock

    usually make it, we won best team name few yrs ago lol.

  • son of sam

    In the light of F J H’s own blog today,you might want to ask him what political party has his backing.Sounds like a wind-up to see how far the “story”will travel!!After all ,it’s not 1st April.

  • Drumlins Rock

    I heard the PM was coming over with a team, he heard the quiz was so good other years.