Annalise Murphy in Weymouth for medal race (and so am I)…

Today, I am mostly going to be Weymouth… enjoying the Olympic Sailing competition and the beach, and the kids all in equal measure… I shall also be wearking my old green Irish rugby shirt (replica, not real) for the 1.30 Laser Redial race with the young Annalise Murphy, one of Ireland’s great medal hopes…

I shall be posting some stuff to Twitter, or if you want to follow most of it (and even contribute some stuff yourself, this dedicated page to Ms Murphy’s efforts today… If you are going to be there, or you know someone who is, get them to buzz me on Twitter @MickFealty…

Otherwise, just keep an eye on the G+ page for updates…

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  • Good luck to her.
    Four effectively will win Gold, Silver, Bronze.
    Beat one rival and she has the bronze.
    Beat two and its silver.
    Good luck Mr Fealty

  • Republic of Connaught

    Have a good day, Mick, and here’s hoping she does well. But I wouldn’t give her good odds.

    I remember a good documentary years ago about Steve Claridge managing Weymouth town for a period and Ian Ridley the journo owning them. Never heard of the place until then. Though like many coastal towns in England it seemed a very pleasant place.

  • I will be turning on the screen at 13.30. Time to organise an early lunch.

    Hope you have something to celebrate, Mick

  • iluvni

    she made a bit of horlicks of that race

  • Mick Fealty

    Disappointing but great way to watch!! loads of pick add vids still uploding to G+…

  • Pete Baker

    Kept getting herself into a medal place in the upwind legs, but couldn’t hold on in the downwind stretch.

    Tough place for Murphy to finish given her great start to the competition.


    You’re a jinx! 😉

  • clan of cruiser

    have roi won a medal yet?

  • Enjoyed the Race, but Katie Taylor was awesome Mick if you can make it to the next round?

  • Mick Fealty

    I’m old fashioned… saw her beat the living daylights out of the scouse girl… Impressive, yes…

    Yet hard for me personally to see women beat each other like that…

    But then I also found it hard to watch my eldest boy get hit doing Tai Kwan Do…

    Once again it is down to the Boxers to save Team Ireland blushes… Come on Coleraine!!!

    Pete, don’t joke about it, she was up in front at the end of the first lap, just as we made into the live tv arena… I heard the commentator say Ireland in gold position as we sat down in front…

    But the Chinese girl at least seemed unstoppable…

  • Barnshee

    Cruel Cruel Ther fickleness of wind