Caption competition: ‘Brits in, hug a unionist’

After a heavy week in politics which saw Sinn Fein shifting its policies and increasing its ‘Brits in’ rhetoric (into a united Ireland that is),  I thought I would produce a light hearted illustration to round it off.

I’ve gone first in the caption competition with, ‘Brits in, hug a unionist’, losing out to, ‘hug a unionie’. Anyway I’m sure there’s a lot better out there and I look forward to seeing what comes up.

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  • Mister_Joe

    full cartoon doesn’t show.

  • Mister_Joe

    Right. We’ve got it where it wants us. What next?

  • Alias

    “Please save us from a united Ireland!”

    “Worry ye not, Gerry & Marty, with support for a united Ireland now at a record low of 7% under your political leadership, the union is more secure than ever before.”

  • Mac

    “with support for a united Ireland now at a record low of 7%”

    Wouldn’t the record be 1% in the 73 border poll?
    Or would that get in the way of caption that’s aesthetically speaking too long for a caption competition?

  • Alias

    “Wouldn’t the record be 1% in the 73 border poll?”

    No, because the Catholics boycotted the 1973 sovereignty referendum whereas they didn’t boycott the Telegraph poll.

  • Alias

    “I can’t find his zipper, Gerry.”

  • Mac

    “No, because the Catholics boycotted the 1973 sovereignty referendum whereas they didn’t boycott the Telegraph poll.”

    Yeah, ‘the catholics’, that homogeneous group that all vote the same way.

    You see, if I had been one of the catholics that were polled I would not have been amongst the 7%. Nothing to do with ‘SF’s leadership’ as you suggest, not because I’m a post nationalist, or because I’m loyal to the half crown or any other insult you are tediously throwing out on this web site. But because a favourable (to me) UI poll result tomorrow would be the opening episode of a drawn out scenario that would doubtless involve the loss of life and the voluntary and involuntary displacement of my friends, both unionist and republican.

    If however, the question was, would you vote yes in a UI poll if there would be no violent repercussions and your unionist friends and family (mostly protestant and some catholic) did not feel under threat, nor did your republican friends and family (mostly catholic and a few protestants), then my answer would be yes.

    I would suggest, that if you are as you claim, from the republic, you’ve probably got more important things to be worrying about than SF’s leadership in the north. After all, polls with sample sizes larger than this which you attempting to make hay with, conducted in the south have SF as second only to the government in popularity. Shouldn’t that worry you more than whether or not the 600 or so ‘catholics’ surveyed by the bel-tel woud vote for the prospect of gun battles where their friends and family would get caught up on tomorrow or in 25 years time.

  • Alias

    “You see, if I had been one of the catholics that were polled I would not have been amongst the 7%.”

    It would only matter to me why you’d vote to maintain the constitutional status quo if I was attempting to persaude you to vote for a united Ireland but as I am not, I couldn’t care less why you’re a Catholic unionist.

    “I would suggest, that if you are as you claim, from the republic, you’ve probably got more important things to be worrying about than SF’s leadership in the north.”

    I can usually spare a little time to ‘worry’ about the shennanigans in other states too. 😉

  • gendjinn

    SF do not forget the “Kill Home Rule with Kindness” ploy and how it failed. I don’t think their “Hug a Unionist” strategy has much to do with NI and is all optics for the march forward in the South.

    The majority of unionists will always find fault with anything SF does – witness the poutrage over the Queen of England “jibe”. It’s the first time I’ve ever heard that term being an insult to Unionism, I don’t believe them so I’ll be sticking to Betty Saxe-Coburg & Gotha for *my* intentional jibes.

  • lamhdearg2

    joe wins!.

  • “Dear John, please don’t go”

  • Queen – Save Us

    The years of murder and mayhem

    Were nothing but a sham it seems

    The years belie we lived a lie

    “I’ll love you ’til I die”

  • Alias

    Incidentally, the cartoon’s depiction of a unionist as orange is obselete. Since most of the Catholics in NI have now been converted into unionists under the Shinners political leadership, it obviously doesn’t follow that they also embrace Protestant or British culture.

    The unionist tag is therefore no longer the domain of those who embrace that culture and is now more properly a non-sectarian tag to denote both Catholic and Protestant, and Irish and British.

  • Evolve

    It doesn’t look like hugging to me, more like tackling. In that vein, maybe a suitable caption could be:

    “That was one Sinn Fein bashing thread too many Slugger!”

    heh heh

  • Mac

    “I couldn’t care less why you’re a Catholic unionist.”

    You’re clearly incapable of anything beyond trolling, something that makes you oh so unique on the internet.

  • The end is nigh, England moves to self governance and an independent sovereign state.

  • lover not a fighter


    The Shinners saying

    ” We’ll always be here for ye ”

    ” Even when the Queen does fly-thru drive-bys “

  • lover not a fighter


    “You ain’t heavy your my b(r)other “

  • lover not a fighter


    The shinners saying

    “Get down here with us before Royalty spins your head going at that rate of knots”

  • Alias

    Mac, a unionist is someone who supports the union. As you support the union, you are a unionist.

    Why you support the union isn’t relevant: merely that you support it.

    Whether or not I am a troll does not alter that material fact, notwithstanding that the label assists you with your cognitive dissonance.

  • OHMSS:John Bull’s other Ireland

  • lamhdearg2

    if we both squeeze, money comes out.

  • Mister_Joe

    Great one, lamhdearg.

  • Rory Carr

    “Bloody hell ! They’re all at it – John Travolta, Tom Cruise and now…”

  • Mister_Joe

    Over my head, Rory. Scientology?

  • Somewhere near Castle Buildings: “Hey lads for fecks sake give us a hand to hide Carson before they notice him gone”

  • Is this a local adaptation of the Klingons? 😉

  • Drumlins Rock

    “Hey Gerry, still won’t budge an inch, what next?”

  • sdelaneys

    But, John Bull, we’ve done all you asked and still you won’t give us enough funding to save us having to impose water charges.

  • andnowwhat

    Apt that Marty is hugging the upper, union flagged upper parts, whilst Adams the lower. Don’t know if that’s intentional but it is apt.

  • “If you’ve got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.”

  • Drumlins Rock

    Articles, hence the Union is much safer in the UUPs hands 🙂

  • Martin: Is it just me or is this thing is deflating?
    Gerry: I think I’ve found the valve, let’s blow it up

  • Evolve

    The figure representing Unionism/Britishness seems to be lacking an opposable digit, a vital evolutionary step.

    Reminds me of the Bill Hicks quote:

    “You ever noticed how people who believe in Creationism look really unevolved?”

  • lamhdearg2

    This one is Ignorance, This one is Want

  • “Mr Westminster, howya doin’?”

    “After careful consideration we believe you, rather than Ms Merkel, can keep us in the manner to which our holiday homes in Donegal have become accustomed.”

  • Evolve

    Maybe they are actually lifting or carrying the Union Jack figure. Marty is saying:

    “In what part of the museum will we put the relic Gerry?”

  • Evolve


    “This paper tiger is even lighter than I thought it would be”

  • Mister_Joe

    Is a paper tiger lighter than a toothless lion? Maybe the Argentinians could enlighten us.

  • Evolve

    depends if you feed the toothless lion or not.

  • sonofstrongbow

    “Conor says we’ve got to get rid of this one as well.”

  • Evolve

    Ireland’s new experimental dance ensemble meets with mixed reviews

  • Mark

    ” We’ve been screwing them for years , a small hug is the least we can do “

  • Really DR? didn’t the UUP lose their grip some time ago.

  • Toastedpuffin

    “You tickle his tummy, I’ll nuzzle his crotch with my beard”

  • If you haven’t got them by the balls hang on to what you can.

  • Alex Kane


    “Here, Marty, is this the flagpole or is he just pleased to see me?”


  • Marty and Gerry resume their survey of sectarian bones in Norn Iron.

    Results so far
    1 survey completed, none found.
    1 survey in progress, result awaited.
    1.8m to go.

  • Niccolo

    “Gerry, what’s Stockholm Syndrome?”

  • Niccolo


  • Reader

    “This four nations format isn’t working out as well as I had hoped. We should go back to six nations rugby”

  • ForkHandles

    best pic for a caption competition is the one doing the rounds of Martin McG and the Queen not quite shaking his hand. very funny. couldnt find the file, but its on this forum thread

  • galloglaigh