Ériu protest: We’ll see your Constitutional Monarch and up you with our mythical Goddess!

There’s a little patch of the Black Mountain (or Divis, I’m never sure which) that generations of trainee nurses in the City Hospital used to call ‘the smoothing iron’. Well, yesterday it was joined by a set of large letters saying “Eriu is our Queen” and a large Irish tricolour. Seamus is keeping an eye on the situation… now that a Loyalist counter protest has emerged

The Guardian reports there was at least one injury in the fighting that ensure when the Loyalist group tried to remove the Irish flag… Potentially very nasty up on a mountain with difficult access.

But setting the legitmate concerns about public order, it’s also fascinating pyschological response to a British institution which can legitimately trace its origins to medieval times in the sense that Eriu is the idealised personification of Ireland.

It may all be a bit Sealed Knot (if potentially more lethal) but it also demonstrates that for some political activists this still not about the politics of enlightenment that drove the very first Irish Republicans to take their conspiracy to the Cave Hill just a mile or two further to the east.

  • Nordie Northsider

    Who will object if, with a paintbrush in one hand and a copy of Old Irish Workbook in the other, we daub a logan on a hillside?

  • Mick Fealty

    Logans? Logans? What have the Logans ever done to you?? 🙂

  • That’s the thing about republicans. One minute against the invader, next minute lauding up an invading goddess. Not just an invading goddess, but a loser. What is that all about?

  • JR

    I thought the initial protest was a great idea. Humourous, peaceful and making a point. Pity loyalists way of dealing with an opposing point of view involved hatchets, hammers and someones head.

  • A celebration of Gaelic culture and heritage. In English.

  • Actually, while I’m at it, should self-proclaimed republicans be professing allegiance even to symbolic mythical queens? You wouldn’t get French republicans referring to Marianne as their queen. Of course, if you mistake nationalism for republicanism, then fair enough.

  • sonofstrongbow

    Oh dear, pity the ‘protest’, or “art installation” according to some, had to be rendered in the invaders’ tongue. Perhaps HMQ was meant to read it and feel all discombobulated and run for the airport 🙂

    Pity also that one-eyed Seamus decided to rant against the “British minority in the north-east”. Perhaps it was Republicans themselves who tried to rip the orange bit off the fleg?

  • tacapall

    Well it does rubbish all that reconciliation and acceptance of each others culture lark, I’m wondering was it what was said or the Tricolour that annoyed the neanderthals who took great exception to people having a different opinion than their own.

  • salgado

    Neil Buchanan’s big art attacks have really gone down hill recently.

  • Nordie Northsider

    ‘Who will object if, with a paintbrush in one hand and a copy of Old Irish Workbook in the other, we daub a logan on a hillside?’

    We demand editing facilities now or else another logan gets it.

  • michael-mcivor

    The dissidents are fighting for their own Queen now- you could not make it up- the breakaway true blues-

  • babyface finlayson

    It would be amusing (to me at least) if someone were to remove the last 2 letters of Eriu.

  • HeinzGuderian


    Some very insightful thinking here.
    An ireland of equals ?

  • Henry94

    This whole day is turning into a godsend to caption competitions.

  • Alias

    Fair play to them for their creative political protest. It’s good to see that not all of Her Majesty’s paddies are willingly subserviant to her or the British state’s authority.

  • I see that Eriu’s husband was Mac Gréine (‘Son of the Sun’).

    Did they get a divorce?

    That might explain the awful weather.

  • dwatch

    Hope those loyalists from Springmartin estate are not annoyed as there already is a memory to a mythological Irish Queen “MAEDB” of Connacht in the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology on display in the Ulster Folk & Transport museum. This beautiful train built in Dublin 1939 was presented to the Museum by the ROI sometime ago.


  • gary oh

    Where do u start with this. Say what u want about Queen Elisabeth at least she is an actual person.!

  • can someone help out with the pronunciation of “ÉriuÁ- something along the lines of “Euro”?

    More accurate to say Angela Merkel is now officially Ireland’s Queen.

  • JR



  • As in Airoo Werewolves of London?

  • JR

    It is funny seeing the comments from Unionists above criticising the protesters for using English. If unionists can’t understand the meaning behind the protest in English what hope would they have in Irish?

  • between the bridges

    a very nice gesture, i take it ERIU means Elizabeth Rules In Ulster…

  • Lionel Hutz

    It’s quite a clever slogan imho.

  • dwatch

    “a very nice gesture, i take it ERIU means Elizabeth Rules In Ulster…”

    Nice one BTB, Frank Carson would have said: “Thats a cracker”

  • Banjaxed

    Pronunciation as per a stock phrase from the largest county in Ireland: ‘Airoo from Cor-r-rk?’

  • Zig70

    The hypocrisy of a DUP councillor standing in an area be-decked with paramilitary flags,complaining about the Irish flag being insulting. How much worse would a big IRA sign have been? Then look in the mirror. I also wonder at the journalist that interviews and misses that point. Best not to rock the boat, especially if it means you have friends in low places.

  • Sound Bloke

    Indeed, the Ériu message should have been in German … oh, that’s right, the Saxe-Coburg and Gothas gave up being German in 1917. The House of Windsor has as many myths surrounding it as Ériu.

  • separatesix

    I question the maturity of an individual who would pull such a childish stunt. His time would be better employed having a shower and going for a job interview. The PSNI tell us they can remove emblems if they cause incitement and this was the case on Black mountain. It ought to have been immediately removed. The PSNI claimed they were assessing the situation, that’s code for they didn’t want to offend the nationalists.

  • Please thank those who put the flag on the mountain. it made Queen Elizabeth welcome as the flag was designed for peace ,green for the Irish people orange for the Northern Protestants and white for peace……thanks west Belfast for your contribution to lasting peace.

  • ForkHandles

    ” i take it ERIU means Elizabeth Rules In Ulster…”

    LOL very witty 🙂

    Regarding Queen Angela Merkel of the Republic of Ireland, I thought the ‘Angela Merkel thinks we’re at work.’ ROI fleg was very funny too

  • lamhdearg2

    This along with attacks on non irish nationlist homes on the shankill and in glengormley over the last 24 to 48 hours, where an attempt at provo-king a major riot, this was done so the dizzys could paint the Queens visit in a bad light, they failed. I fear however the trouble they crave may follow.

  • Jimmy Sands

    Romanes Eunt Domus!

  • DC

    Edit button – good idea!

  • antamadan

    Seymour Major: You live. I thought you had been taken captive by either the Fenian or the Loyalist wing of the family, and were prevented from accessing internet forever for letting the family down, (LOL)