Euro 2012 Prediction competition

Another chance to predict the future; the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship, Euro 2012, is almost upon us. The tournament will be hosted by Poland and Ukraine and the first match kicks off this Friday 8th June 2012. Local interest here will focus on the Republic of Ireland, England, Poland and Portugal but not unfortunately N.Ireland.  All entries to be in before kick off Friday.


For ease of reference all of the teams, group matches, FIFA rankings and political systems (this is Slugger after all) are listed below and answers should be in the following format which is my entry incidentally. And of course thanks to WIKI for the info.


Group Winners: A Russia, B Netherlands, C Spain, D France

England: Group Stage

Ireland: Group Stage

Most Red Cards: Netherlands

Most Goals: Netherlands

Winners:  Netherlands

Political System : Constitutional Monarchy

FEMEN: Poland v Greece

Top scorer: V. Persie



Predictions required and possible points.  MAXIMUM 110

Winner of Group A   10 points

Winner of Group B   10 points

Winner of Group C   10 points

Winner of Group D   10 points


How far will England Go? Group stage, QF, SF, F, Winner   10 points

How far will the Republic Of Ireland Go? Group stage, QF, SF, F, Winner   10 points

Which Team will receive the  Most Red Cards? 10 points

Which team will score the Most Goals? 10 points

Which team will win the trophy? 10 points

In this Diamond Jubilee year will a team from a Constitutional Monarchy or a Republic win the trophy? 5 points.

(Republic: Poland, Greece, Russia, Czech, Germany, Portugal, Italy, ROI, Croatia, France, Ukraine

Constitutional Monarchy: Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, England, Sweden)

At which game will activists from the women’s movement  FEMEN make their first significant appearance? 5  points.

(FEMEN Ukrainian protest group based in Kiev. The organisation became internationally known for organizing topless protests against sex tourists, international marriage agencies, sexism and other social, national and international ills. )

Who will be the top individual  scorer? 10 points

 Form guide and Group Matches showing FIFA ranking of each team.

Group A

(65) Poland v (14)Greece

(11)Russia v (26)Czech Republic

(14)Greece  v (26)Czech Republic

(65) Poland v (11)Russia

(26)Czech Republic v (65) Poland

(14)Greece v (11)Russia

Group B

(4)Netherlands  v (10)Denmark

(2)Germany  v (5)Portugal

(10)Denmark v (5)Portugal

(4)Netherlands v (2)Germany

(5)Portugal  v (4)Netherlands

(10)Denmark v (2)Germany

Group C

(1)Spain v (12)Italy

(18)Republic of Ireland v (8)Croatia

(12)Italy v (8)Croatia

(1)Spain v (18)Republic of Ireland

(8)Croatia v (1)Spain

(12)Italy v (18)Republic of Ireland

 Group D

(16)France v (7)England

(50)Ukraine v (17)Sweden

(50)Ukraine v  (16)France

(17)Sweden  v (7)England

(7)England v (50)Ukraine

(17)Sweden v (16)France