#Euro2020: Professor McWilliams open letter from Northern Ireland to the Faroe Islands…

Having made a expression of interest in hosting Euro 2020, the FAI, SFA and WFA are not actually committed to bid and presumably won’t until they work out: 1, whether even together they can afford it; 2, whether they have even a pup’s chance of getting before spending a penny on any prospective campaign.

Having noticed that the poor IFA has been once more jilted by its neighbours, Professor Billy McWilliams is trying to broker a rival bid for Northern Ireland to jointly host Euro 2020 with, erm, the Faroe Island, which the Professor tells us “luk a bit like the Copelands’…

Billy has written to the Faroes with his proposal:

I’d like to make a suggestion for your football federation. As you may know, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Wales are together making a bid to host the 2020 European Football Championships. I am a bit angry that no one invited us to take part, and was thinking that perhaps our two countries should get together and make a bid? This plan would allow both our nations to qualify for the Euros, and for both our Federations to make a lot of money. We use pounds here, what do you folk use?

Our two nations have much in common. Your nation is quite small, and so is ours. No one ever takes any notice of either of our countries and we both talk in quite odd accents. Neither of our nations is very good at football, but we still play and don’t like being picked on by our bigger neighbours. Here in Northern Ireland we have a place called Strangford. Vikings gave it that name, and you folk are Vikings. Jim Shannon lives near it, you won’t have heard of him, but he is very famous here, and a bit mental.

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