Nesbitt to take ministerial role for the UUP…

So that explains why Danny Kennedy was looking so glum on Saturday… Apparently, according to Diana Rusk in the Irish News, Mike’s taking his job, because ‘it would look good’ to for the leader to be in the Executive next year…


  • sdelaneys

    Wonder if Danny had been promised otherwise before the election?

  • dwatch

    but is he taking the post immediately, or ‘sometime within the next three years, as stated here on BBC news yesterday?

    “The former broadcaster said he would take the UUP’s sole ministerial seat on the Northern Ireland Executive at some point before the next assembly election.”

  • Drumlins Rock

    Mike, I don’t think he said next year, just before the election, in fact could I suggest if Mike wants to take the job himself sometime in the future it means he is less likely to re-suffle in the short term? With only one seat it was always unlikely for Danny to get the full term so I think he will have had a good enough run at it, the timing might depend on the next election dates.

  • PaulT

    His David Ford moment, only Justice being a tad more high profile, surely Party Leader trumphs a cabinet seat, or has he got a low opinion of his new job.

  • Barry the Blender

    It looks pathetic for the leader to join the executive.

  • BtB Nesbitt’s ascension to the tattered throne of the once powerful party is but a symptom of the sickness of the ageing membership. They looked at the options and decided to give up on the UUP and voted for Nesbitt since they were near the ballot box anyway.
    At least on slugger we’re being spared the titanic circus so difficvcult to acvoid on the broadcast media here generally.

  • Barry the Blender

    has he got a low opinion of his new job

    DRD minister or party leader?

  • Drumlins Rock

    Parties in Government-

    DUP, party leader also minister, yes
    SF, party leader also minister, effective joint leader yes
    SDLP, party leader also minister, no
    AP, party leader also minister, yes
    FG, party leader also minister, yes
    Labour, party leader also minister, yes
    Conservatives, party leader also minister, yes
    Lib Dems, party leader also minister, yes

    In almost all coalition governments the party leader of the minor parties becomes a minister, but there are occasional exceptions.

  • quality


    Sinn Féin’s party leader (or President) isn’t a Minister.

  • IJP

    As with the Social Justice thing, the issue is not the underlying point, but the presentation of it.

    Mr Nesbitt is supposedly “media savvy” and a “great communicator”. So here are a few things *not* to do:
    – do not make it look like you’re in it for yourself (for example, by suggesting you’ll take a Ministry, even if that’s distant);
    – do not make daft excuses for the lower turnout in the leadership election;
    – do not make it look like you’re even more detached than people you are claiming are detached (for example by suggesting 24 hours will give you a grasp of social justice);
    – do not make things up on the hoof (like using social justice as a random dividing line with the DUP when you can’t think of anything else); and
    – do not keep asking questions of the presenter (you’ve changed jobs!)

    On the evidence, the truth appears to be he’s only “media savvy” from one direction and he’s not “politics savvy” at all.

  • alex gray

    Danny Kennedy is almost certain to go as a Minister if only to prove there was no deal done as he said before the Leadership election. Danny Kinahan’s name is being mentioned with Nesbitt taking over in a year and a half or thereabouts. This will probably spell the end of UUP Ministers attending pre-Executve meetings with DUP Ministers. Watch out for Ministerial Special Adviser appointment. Part of new inner circle, I suspect. It will also be interesting to see if a de-selection process will now begin for sitting MLA’s not in the inner circle. If that is the case, then the Nesbitt election will have been just one more stage in a take-over bid dating back to the de-selections of the last election, McClarty among them. Will there be an effort to bring former Kennedy supporters on board or will they be frozen out ? Or will be there be a divide and rule strategy ? Danger of bringing McCrea and McCallister on board is that UUP will take on a shade of political pink which is ground already occupied by Alliance and it will drive existing core UUP voters away.

  • magherafelt red

    Alex. Watch how Nesbitt gets rid of Gardiner,to be replaced by McCusker, Cree to be replaced by Rodney McCune and watch him promote Kinahan, Dodson and Overend.I fully agree that Kennedy supporters will be frozen out and that Nesbitts inner circle will be promoted through out the party.

  • NeedNoAlibi

    Nesbitt has already, some might say prematurely, raised the stakes for the next Westminster election in Upper Bann and South Antrim. Expect McCusker and Kinahan to be the candidates in these constituencies.

  • Drumlins Rock

    getting a bit ahead of ourselves there guys, lets wait and see, first round of musical chairs tomorrow I believe, its the new party chairman I’m watching out for. With regards seats its hard to remove sitting MLAs, and wesminster selection is a wee bit away.

  • dwatch

    “its the new party chairman I’m watching out for”

    Indeed DR, oh how quickly things have changed over the past two years for the benefit of Mike Nesbitt. Not only has the former UTV presenter become leader of the UUP but all three bit hitters of the old school McNarry, Empey, & Campbell are completely out of office with Kennedy’s wondering when he will be next to lose his ministerial seat.

    “I helped Mike join UUP, now I’m out in the cold”
    “It is only over two years since Mike Nesbitt — then not even a member of the UUP — came to my home in Ballygowan to meet with the then party leader, Sir Reg Empey, and the party chairman, David Campbell.”