Big News. Innovation from the Executive

Good to see Northern Ireland featuring on the UK national news agenda with a report on the “Tesco tax.,” (Today programme 7.25, Sammy and retail consortium rep interview). Despite the national coverage, inexplicably I can’t find  news of  the 1st April vesting date for the business charge on the local BBC News website. Old news locally perhaps? But at least the story’s appearance is  a case of a good sell to the networks which more and more these days unilaterally exclude NI from the devo list, probably because so little of interest is actually happening. I see the Scots have imposed something similar based on drink sales, but London doesn’t seem to have picked that one up yet.  I have to admit I was amused to see the reverend reaction to the news that the DUP leader had at last caught up with Edward Carson speaking in 1921. Ulster innovation has begun at last!