Danny Kennedy is *no longer* the bookie’s 1/2 favourite … (updated)

Update – So by the time Paddy Power stopped taking bets, Nesbitt was the favourite, ahead of Kennedy, which at least points to confidence within the betting community (how many of them are UUP members?) of Nesbitt’s chances of success. Perhaps the background talk of Danny Kennedy pulling out of the race and backing Mike Nesbitt in exchange for keeping his ministry are not so far fetched …

As the evening wore on, the odds changed

  • Thursday 15th…
  • 18:45 – Kennedy 4/5; Nesbitt evens; McCallister 7/1
  • 19:44 – Kennedy 11/10; Nesbitt 5/6; McCallister 4/1
  • 21:02 – Kennedy 11/10; Nesbitt 8/11; McCallister 4/1
  • Friday 16th…
  • 10:00 – Kennedy 5/2; Nesbitt 4/9; McCallister 11/4

uup paddy power odds

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Fancy a flutter on the next UUP leader? Paddy Power have issued their odds to see if the normally gambling-averse unionists (or canny non-unionists) can be tempted to throw some cash behind one of the three contenders.

Next UUP leader

1/2 Danny Kennedy

5/2 Mike Nesbitt

7/2 John McCallister

In a moment of fence-sitting, Paddy Power said “The odds would suggest that it’s Danny Kennedy’s to lose, however two weeks is an age in politics so I wouldn’t write off Nesbitt and McCallister just yet.”

PS: At some point Mick will introduce a strict limit on the maximum number of UUP posts in a day … just be thankful it’s a relatively short campaign!


  • Drumlins Rock

    i’m off to the bookies for first time in my life!

  • On Sunday morning you’ll hear a sermon about the evils of gambling!

  • DC

    What, no blog post on MLA pay?

  • Still waiting on my winnings from a year or two ago to progress my betting life.

  • sherdy

    Think I’ll stick to Cheltenham – more horse sense!

  • Mick Fealty

    DC that’s coming.

  • dwatch

    This is a change from a earlier media report a few days ago. Looks like Empey & the old school is out on his own with his single support for Kennedy. Lords Trimble & Taylor dont count as they are no longer UUP members.

    Ulster Unionist peers back Mike Nesbitt bid

    “We had a good deal of discussion about it and Nesbitt is the man for the job. The time has come for change,” stated Lord Laird of Artigarvan.

    He added that Lord Rogan, a former party president, and Lord Maginnis, the former MP for Fermanagh and South Tyrone, were also in the Nesbitt camp.

    It had previously been thought that most of the Ulster Unionist peers would choose to support Danny Kennedy.

    However, now Lord Empey is the only peer likely to do so.

    Lord Trimble, now a Conservative Party peer, and Lord Kilclooney are no longer UUP members.

    Read more: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/politics/ulster-unionist-peers-back-mike-nesbitt-bid-16131478.html#ixzz1pGHNlsTo

  • Drumlins Rock

    Current odds

    Nesbitt 1/2 Kennedy 6/4 McCallister 6/1

    says it all.

  • Drumlins Rock

    I guess we can’t blame the bookies for reading things so wrong when you have the likes of Liam Clarke, the supposed political expert, writing in the telegragh that

    “He (Danny) has the support of the unionist peers. Lord Maginnis is likely to swing most of Tyrone, possibly Fermanagh too, behind the Kennedy bandwagon. ”

    The idea of Ken swinging Tyrone is laughable, never mind Fermanagh, he is respected for his former role but has not been actively involved on the ground for sometime, his support for Mike would be welcome of course but much more critical I would suggest is that of Cllr Alex Baird.