New Hampshire – a cakewalk for Romney?

Famous last words I suppose but things are looking comfortable for Mitt Romney in today’s New Hampshire GOP primary – the most boring NH primary ever? (from the New Republic.)

Here’s the Washington Post on Romney’s achievments:

It is commonly argued that Mitt Romney has benefited from a weak Republican field, which is true. And that the attacks of his opponents have been late and diffuse. True, and true.But the political accomplishment of Willard Mitt Romney should not be underestimated. The moderate, technocratic former governor of a liberal state is poised to secure the nomination of the most monolithically conservative Republican Party of modern history.

Again from the New Republic:

…Tuesday, if the polls are to be believed, they are going to give Romney a pass, and send him on his way. What gives? The explanations are obvious. The field is weaker — there is no McCain, who had a singular bond with New Hampshire voters. Voters are especially focused on nominating the Republican who can defeat the loathed Obama. My personal theory, as readers know, is that Romney has simply worn the state’s voters down with his sheer persistence and doling out of campaign cash, all the way down the ladder to county sheriffs and district attorneys.

My tip Jon Huntsman seems to have skipped to South Carolina….from Newsday. Don’t think I’ll be staying up…..