Scotland Referendum – Cameron starts his play…

I’ve been expecting something for a while but perhaps not exactly this (from the Indie):

David Cameron is considering a UK-led referendum on Scottish independence to prevent the Scottish Nationalists from setting the terms, question and timing to suit themselves, British government ministers admitted yesterday.

That might be a bit of a red herring but this ain’t:

There have also been suggestions from the Nationalists that Scots would be able to choose more than one option in the referendum – prompting critics to warn that the SNP could secure independence even if this was only the second-best supported option.

Conservative ministers at Westminster want to stop all these developments, moves they believe are simply attempts by Mr Salmond to manipulate every part of the referendum process to suit himself. As a result, plans have been discussed for a “Clarity Act”.

Modelled on a Canadian law of the same name, the Act could force the Scottish Nationalists to put just one simple question to the Scottish people. It is understood that ministers are considering inserting a new clause into the Scotland Bill which would perform the role of a full Clarity Act by setting strict terms for any referendum on Scottish independence.

This is going to be fun.
Meanwhile the dosh is still rolling in for the Good Guys…Lotto Winnners Pay to Break Up Britain (from the Mail).

Fun and competitive…