Sean Gallagher: Death by tittle tattle?

It was exquisite timing. The coup de grace delivered with a twinkling eye of the practised political assassin. Martin McGuinness may at least have ensured his party’s relevance to the politics of the Republic, even if it cannot directly benefit from it. The prime beneficiary will likely be the political vet, Michael D Higgins, who responded presidentially by quoting the Constitution in its original Irish.

Mid show of RTE’s Front Line, McGuinness revealed that Sean Gallagher picked up a perfectly legitimate Fianna Fail party donation from a business man who now has recently had very direct contractual links with Mr McGuinness’s party, Sinn Fein. Nothing illegal, but confirming what we already know.

Today Mr Kenny questioned Mr Gallagher on all all manner of things relating to his personal and business life. It remains to be seen whether Gallagher joins the heaps of independent bodies that have fallen by the wayside.

#aras11 is clearly. O place for an ingenue (who has not had time or resources to bullet proof his past against a Media increasingly easily swung by the febrile mores of the Twitterati.