Scotland, it’s starting…

You can do some stuff with close to a million quid….
Angus Robertson at SNP conference at Inverness:

Today I am delighted to confirm that Scotland’s independence campaign has been generously supported by the late, great Scots poet and Makar Edwin Morgan with a substantial contribution of £918,000, which is ring-fenced for the referendum campaign

Whatever one thinks of Alex Salmond I think we can all agree he doesn’t lack confidence:
Nae limits:

On the way to Inverness I noticed an outdoor company called ‘naelimits’. No limits is a beautiful idea, and somehow it carries more punch in Scots.
Nae limits to your ambition, your courage, your journey
Nae limits sums up the spirit of freedom which many of us take from our magnificent landscape, and which we wish for our society and politics
This same spirit was reflected in the words of Charles Stewart Parnell:
“No man has the right to fix the boundary of the march of a nation; no man has the right to say to his country, ‘Thus far shall thou go and no further’.”
No politician, and certainly no London politician, will determine the future of the Scottish nation.

Where are the Unionists going to get a million quid to fight this from I wonder?