Dis-united Kingdom? Young Unionists debating the issue on Tuesday night

As Brian, O’Neill, Mick, Dewi and others have posted, there has been a lot of public debate in recent weeks about the state of the Union. Attention has largely been centred around the strength of Scotland’s links with the rest of its island and whether the Scottish Conservatives should go it alone.

The Guardian has been running a Dis-united Kingdom series this month. Mick and I participated in an online debate (that was dominated by Scotland and Cornwall) last week and the latest Guardian Focus podcast is worth a listen as it surveyed opinion from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England.

Young Unionists are running a debate asking Full Federation of UK Political Conservatism: Is Murdo Fraser Right? in QUB Student’s Union on Tuesday 18 October at 7.30pm to look at

the merits of formally federating political conservatism across the 4 countries of the United Kingdom. The event is in the context of the current Scottish Conservative Party leadership contest and Murdo Fraser’s proposals to reconstitute the Scottish Conservative Party as a new renamed and independent party. Discussion will consider the Ulster Unionist Party’s potential position within this following the reestablishment of formal linkages to the Conservative Party in 2010.

Chaired by Mike Nesbitt MLA, there will be contributions from people men who hold a variety of opinions: Richard Price (Young Unionist), Iain McGill (former Scottish Conservative Westminster candidate), Bill Manwaring (former UCUNF Westminster candidate), Ian Parsley (independent blogger and former UCUNF Westminster candidate).