RWC – Wales v Ireland – views from the Press.

Guess which Newspaper front page headline is “Two nations…one mission….COME ON WALES!”

It promises to be tense, tight, titanic. So when the alarm goes off tomorrow morning, don’t switch it off and roll over.
Even from 12,000 miles away, your country needs you. Because, make no mistake, there’s a piece of rugby history to be made.
Two nations, one mission… come on Wales.

And from the Irish Times – “One more box to tick

Yet in the crunch games against the Wallabies and Italy, Ireland didn’t concede one try, only leaking six points in each of the first halves, and not a point in either second half. You’ve got to like the smell of that.

From a neutral observer Celtic Culture Clash

After feeling the full force of persecution and occupation for 1000 years, the Irish have managed perhaps the greatest outpouring of popular culture and pop culture figureheads per head of any country. Meanwhile, the Welsh have concentrated on quality of cultural production, not quantity. And leeks.

Nothing to do with rugby but funny…
In the Independent Ieuan Evans remembers 1987…

We had our laundry paid for and our food provided but that was about it – everything else was down to us. We were used to World Cups in other sports but, in terms of rugby union, we were the trailblazers. Looking back, the World Cup then feels like a church fete compared to what the tournament has become today

…15 and a bit hours to go…..

Welsh Nationalist. Rugby Fan. Know a bit about History and Railways…

  • Mick Fealty

    Alarm set, check!

  • AGlassOfHine

    Wake me up when this bore fest is over !!!

  • thethoughtfulone

    Boring???????, is it possible you’ve actually died and just don’t realise it yet?

  • socaire

    I wonder what makey uppy song the Welsh will be singing tomorrow?

  • keano10

    Alarm already set for 5.30. Nice Bacon sarnie and a big mug of coffee should be ready for kick off time.

    The times described Ireland and Wales today as frenemies which was nice. Great rivalry but the best of friends. Hope Ireland win but the best of luck to your lot too Dewi. May the best team win.

  • Henry94


    I wonder what makey uppy song the Welsh will be singing tomorrow?

    All songs are made up by someone. I have a cunning plan to solve the whole anthem problem. First persuade the north that it needs an anthem. Then the south adopts the same tune and nationalists veto any attempt to change the northern one again. One nation under Phil Coulter.

  • Dewi

    I need to sleep b4 the game – any tips?

  • “I wonder what makey uppy song the Welsh will be singing tomorrow?”

    They wont need to make up a song. If they lose, it will probably be the Green Green Grass of Home.

    And if they win?

    They have the best national anthem (musically that is) so I reckon we would hear it a-plenty.

    This is it sung by Katherine Jenkins


  • socaire

    rousing, rousing! I only wish we were a nation with an anthem and a flag and a language ………… we are!

  • Into the west

    Dewi there’s a technique here for easy sleeping
    they’re calling it mindfulness
    All in the mind

    hoping for a high-quality game , and an ireland victory 😉