Great Big Politics Quiz kicks off tomorrow Night (Black Box, Belfast)…

Last chance to book your place… We have a stack of great prizes, courtesy of our old friends and consistent supporters Stratagem… All proceeds go to charity, in aid of rebuilding homes in Haiti…

In fine old Northern Irish tradition the much revered office of Quiz Master will be rolling (d’Hondt has not been used and no politicians have been hurt in the scrupulously fair process)…

Mark Devenport,
Jim Wells MLA,
Naomi Long MP,
Basil McCrea MLA,
Alban Maginness MLA,
And the Minister of Culture, Carál Ni Chuilín MLA!

I’m also told that Councillor Claire Hanna will taking a break from the SDLP’s leadership race, to lead the reigning champions, Stoops to Conquer in to what’s likely to be a tense rematch… So if you haven’t already done it, get your team together and book your places now

And remember it’s for a great cause… It should be a great night out (so long as I can get my final set of questions into Patrick)… More here

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  • Mark McGregor

    I considering adding one of my bottles of Only Our Rivers Run Free water to the prize fund.

    Would that put people off 😉

  • between the bridges

    mark don’t be so miserable… splash the cash and donate a bottle of buckie…

  • Drumlins Rock

    same difference bridges, only one of them has been recycled already.

    Save me a space, will be a bit late.

  • Mick Fealty

    Have you ot a team DR?

  • Mark McGregor


    Just remember – no sportswear and be nice to the rough looking guy with a poor reputation doing door.

  • Mark McGregor

    An important update for this:

    We are fully conscious that a number of people found many questions last time just too fiendishly difficult.

    While it won’t be a walk in the park, the level of anorak required to score well and be in the running to win is greatly reduced this time out. See – we do listen!

    So for those that were disheartened last time – try again. You will be pleasantly surprised.

    (and if things start going badly for you/your team you can always join me and Mooch at the bar ripping the piss out of everyone)

  • My photo round isn’t THAT easy i hope

  • Mark McGregor


    Your round is pure genius – fun, political and madly addictive.

    Anyone that misses out on it will kick themselves!

  • Your starter for ten…

    Can’t remember if we ended up using these questions last time out, but here’s a few posers to train your brains for tomorrow night (no Googling the answers, now!), when the questions will be a little easier…

    1. Who was the 38th President of the USA? For an extra point, give his middle name.

    2. What is the minimum age allowed for an Irish president?

    3. “They misunderestimated me.” Who said that?

    4. The title of Nick Broomfield’s documentary, “His Big White Self”, refers to which infamous right-wing Afrikaner?

    5. Who directed the Watergate scandal film, “All the President’s Men”?

    6. Name the current Mayor of Derry City Council.

    7. Name the capitals of the following EU states: Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

    8. In what year did Haiti first gain independence? a) 1804 b) 1824 c) 1844

    9. Name a) the Attorney General for Northern Ireland and b) the Attorney General for the UK.

    10. In the film, “Missing”, what actress plays the wife frantically searching for her “disappeared” husband in a Latin American dictatorship?

  • Dewi

    1 Ford – Rudolph
    2. 40?
    7. Riga, Vilnius, Tallin
    8. 1804?
    9. a) dunno b) there ain’t one – it’s like EnglandandWales

  • Dewi

    Enjoy btw

  • as above I suppose with additions

    1 hopefully not a trick question as Cleveland is “two presidents” which would make James Earl Carter the 38th person to be President
    3 Bush
    4 Eugene Terre Blanche
    5 no idea
    6…Maurice Devaney (sp)
    7 Riga Vilnius Tallin
    8…we had this last year and I think there was a long discussion about what is official. L’Ouverture pre-dates 1804
    9 Larkin dont know his first name…and hands up I would have been caught out with “UK” trick…but England/Wales is Grieve or Green I mix them up.
    10. no idea

  • To echo Mark’s comment – the photo round is epic and i can imagine it leading to a whole exhibition by Moochin!

    The video round has a few smiles in it too.

    And Tim McGarry’s bound to take the piss out of everyone … again.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Alastair McDonnell was the star of the video round last year 🙂