Sycophant. Fool. Traitor. Egotist. Motivated by financial gain. Lundy!

Sycophant. Fool. Traitor. Egotist. Motivated by financial gain. Lundy!

Yes, a man of the cloth had the temerity to accept an invitation to a political conference and speak of his desire for a future characterised by mutual respect. His gracious words and actions were the focus for the bitter words spat at him by more learned brethren from within the Tribe.

Crouched in their foxholes, they fight in defence of old certainties, vigilant against friends who may fall under spell or foes arriving concealed in Trojan Horse.

Heed Laocoon’s warning!




  • Toastedpuffin


    I’m not aware anyone having “spat”, but I am aware much of the (perfectly justified) criticism of Latimer’s speech actually emanates from Nationalists. Another giant proves to be a windmill, and facts again get in the way of a good(?) story.

  • Michael Shilliday

    If your priest went to the UDA annual gathering and heaped hyperbole upon their leaders, would you be happy Chris?

  • tacapall

    Chris people who live in the Sinn Fein bubble will have to accept that theres a big wide world outside of it and people have different opinions. Like it or not there’s people who dont follow sheeplike the Sinn Fein view of what way others should behave.

  • This could (barely) pass a comment, don’t think it really qualifies as a post.

  • northbelfastview

    Chris, do you think Latimer read this before he had tea and buns with the now, Latimer appointed saint Martin McGuinness???


    The Rabbi praises Himler. It’s one thing to reach out to “the other side” but to heap praise on an unrepentant murderer is many steps too far. What would Jesus have done? He would have addressed the gathering but he would have rubbed their noses in the manure of their sins first of all

  • andnowwhat


    Quote or link the Irish Independant over on and one is an instant laughing stock.

    That’s a fact, not an opinion.

    There’s much to scoff in Rev. Latimer’s speech and it’s tone but not the fact that he attended and gave a speech

  • Greenflag

    ‘ he would have rubbed their noses in the manure of their sins first of all.

    Probably not as it has been rubbed so many times over the past several decades by ultra unionists, gobshite unionists and naive unionists of all parties and none that the SF nose has become so bright that it keeps reflecting light back on their erstwhile ‘rubbers’ to their electoral disadvantage ,

    Not only has diminishing returns set in for the SF lambasters -even a non SF supporter can see that but the ‘eejits’ seem to be going out of their way to make SF not only the biggest political party in NI but in the Republic as well .

  • Greenflag

    @ Chris ,

    ‘Yes, a man of the cloth had the temerity to accept an invitation to a political conference and speak of his desire for a future characterised by mutual respect’

    Can’t be having any of that now Chris can we -Imagine mutual respect -The very thought of it must send the shivers up and down the backbone of every spineless bigot in Northern Ireland .

    As for the Christian message of forgiveness etc etc ah well shure don’t we all know thats what it says in the good book but I mean you’re not expected to actually believe it much less practice it are you . The ‘good ‘book did’nt stop millions of White Americans discriminating against millions of fellow Christian even Baptist black americans did it ?

    Same old story from the Latimer bashers -hypocrites and pharasees to a man and or woman 🙁

  • carl marks

    Lundy eh haven’t heard that in a while, nice to know that some people just don’t change.
    The Rev Latimer has joined a very special group of people who have had that insult hurled at them, those who have refused to play the tribal game and had the barefaced cheek to love their neighbours,
    Jim Gregory and their ilk want to grow up the world has changed they might want to try at least to keep up with the rest of us.

  • I suppose an interesting comparison is that of the young Limavady Presbyterian Minister who called at the Catholic Church to wish his fellow Christians……a Happy Christmas.
    He was much vilified……by other Christians.
    Of course the Catholic Church in Limavady is hardly a terrorist group (though 25 years ago there were plenty of “Christians” around who peddled that thought every July).

    But the odd thing is that Rev Armstrong (???)was so criticised by his brethren in Limavady that he had to leave for England. I believe he was even helped financially by Catholics.
    Now the weird thing is that those fundamental types who so criticised him might actually be the type of fundamentalists who vote DUP in the Limavady area and beyond.

    Now Im sure that quite a lot of moderate unionists would be disgusted at the treatment Rev Armstrong received. They wouldnt vilify anyone for making an obviously decent gesture……but even more curiously in 2011, DUP fundamental Christian types are hardly in a position to criticise a Presbyterian Minister going to a Sinn Féin Conference. After all they work happily alongside Sinn Féin.
    And yet the demonisation of Rev Latimer is led by unionists who would in the normal course of events regard themselves as “moderate”.
    But basically they doth protest too much. Its little more than chagrin that they dont like the DUP-SF dominance of things …..and to a large extent Rev Latimers decision to attend the SF Conference underscores “moderate” unionist angst.

    So 20 odd years ago a Presbyterian Minister who wishes his fellow Christians a happy Christmas is hounded out (allegedly) but in 2011 it will be interesting to see how a Minister going to a SF Conference is dealt with by his own community.

    To be frank, Im not convinced that a Presbyterian Minister attending a Conference. I dont think religion and politics should mix. I dont doubt Rev Latimers sincerity but he certainly handed a major publicity coup to Sinn Féin.

    And again this underscores the whole arrival of Sinn Féin. If anyone could doubt their success the whole Conference at the Waterfront…the very icon of the “New” Belfast ……was a reminder of their sheer dominance. And the platform they spelt out…..including intensive Gaelic language training, that 80% of new candidates are under 35……all points to a vision that is being pushed…probably successfully. Rev Latimer allowed himself to be part of that.

    Its over 30 years since I lived in Belfast and nearly since I worked there. I dont know if the place where the Waterfront Hall is…..actually has a street name. For the likes of me….a stranger in my own city……thats still Oxford Street. The bus station to catch the bus to ……….Bangor.
    And thats where Rev Latimer proves to be little more than a diversion.
    And his unionist critics seem to have missed the bigger picture.
    Sinn Féin Waterfront Hall, Oxford Street 9-10 September 2011 is a sign of (our) times.
    Oxford Street Bus Station 21st July 1972…………

    These two images together are ….to me…..a bigger issue than Rev Latimer.

  • BluesJazz

    I think it’s called ‘Latymer Place’

    The bus station then and now:

    I agree with you that Rev. Latimer is a non-issue, except to flag up that SF are a ‘Catholic’ party and inviting ‘one of them-the other sort’ highlighted that fact.
    Maybe next year they’ll invite Stephen Hawking or Brian Cox, to put their ‘vision’ in Universal perspective.

  • Drumlins Rock

    FItzy, the address is Lanyon Place, named after the architect.

    I agree with Chris’s thread, well the title and first sentence at least.

    BTW, the Waterfront hall was opposed by both the DUP and SF on Belfast council at the time.

  • Ironically there was another Latimer burned at the stake for Heresy in the 1550s by Bloody Mary.
    Seems theres a lot of people who think Rev David latimer is a heretic also.

  • I have nothing against Revd David Latimer or his right to have a political opinion but what about the unspoken wider message behind his presence at the Ard Fheis that Sinn Fein were projecting?

    “We are non-sectarian” was the core of that message. Was the message honest?

    It depends upon how you define sectarianism. Sinn Fein are not a party which is inextricably linked to Catholicism in the same way that that Northern Ireland Unionist parties are linked to Protestantism. However, Sinn Fein are masters at manipulating cultural factionalism. It is a kind of “ism” which does not quite fit into the established definition of sectarianism, yet it is just as harmful and carries just as much bigotry. Its attitude towards poppies, the Queen and cenotaphs is testament to that.

    If Sinn Fein want to prove to the World that they are non-sectarian, then proper genuine public gestures are needed of a bridge-building nature – not the manipulation of a well-meaning but rather naive presbyterian minister. Last May, I applauded when a Sinn Fein Councillor, the late Michael Browne, greeted the Queen. What a pity that gesture was an isolated incident.

  • Greenflag

    The Jim Allister’s and Greg Campbell’s of NI have’nt got the message . Not only deaf but blind as well . 40 years ago flying the Tricolour from a high rise block of flats in Belfast was enough to cause a riot and unionists screamed for the police to have it removed and that was before any of the later carnage and mayhem.

    Today SF hold’s it’s conference in the Waterfront and it’s attended by a thousand plus delegates and the tricolour is waved and Amhrain na Bhfiann is sung at the close of the conference and a Presbyterian Minister is invited to speak to the conference .

    So whats wrong with the above ?

    Do the nutters on the orange right want to return to the 1960’s . Don’t they realise the ‘orange’ is dead and it’s time to make the best of it’s successor no matter how temporary it may be because as sure as night follows day it too will pass in time .

    At least SF have been reaching out . I have yet to see either the UUP or the DUP do likewise . But then they ‘ll get around to it no doubt in true unionist fashion when it’s too late to make any difference -as always 🙁

  • Limerick


    I have no doubt that if the UUP and DUP can attract a crawling, fawning, arse kissing, member of the nationalist community to come along to their conferences and tell them how brilliant they are, then the invitation will be in the post.

    Btw your claim about a tricolour on top of a block of flats is nonsense.

  • Greenflag

    error above

    The ‘orange ‘ is not dead 🙂 . The ‘orange state’ is and has been since 1972 but it’s obvious that some of it’s adherents both then and now are still decomposing in a kind of zombie like mode which now and then lashes out at whatever it can -in this case the Rev Latimer .

  • Greenflag

    Limerick ,

    Keep your head stuck up where it’s dark -you know it never happened eh 🙁

  • Limerick


    The entire purpose of the so called ‘Orange State’ was to keep Northern Ireland without the ROI and within the United Kingdom. Since that argument has now been decisively won it is very much surplus to requirements. Indeed no such a state would have existed if the nationalist politicians of the post 1921 era had not picked up their toys and went home.

  • Limerick


    Even Wikipaedia does not back up your claim.

    The Tricolour was in fact in a shop window.

  • Dec

    ‘I have no doubt that if the UUP and DUP can attract a crawling, fawning, arse kissing, member of the nationalist community to come along to their conferences and tell them how brilliant they are, then the invitation will be in the post.’

    I recall the UUP doing that with Vincent McKenna, that former republican who’d seen the light. He gave some speech bigging up the RUC. He was also especially good chums with Ruth Doubly-Standards. Ah, memories…

  • dennis the menace

    as a minister of the gospel that is one thing he did not do, minister the gospel.

    In front of him were murderers and thugs and yet the Rev did not ask them to repent –

  • Limerick


    I believe they also invited Sean O’Callaghan. People have short memories.

  • toker

    You have to give it to SF they are much better at PR than the SDLP.
    The sdlp did this last year with Norman Hutchinson and nobody seemed to care.

  • Limerick


    Yeah but Norman wasn’t addressing a room full of murderers and people who supported murder.

  • Greenflag

    limerick ,

    ‘The Tricolour was in fact in a shop window.’

    So ? Shop window or high rise window what matter .For you and your ilk it was probably reason enough for a riot . As I said nothing has changed for some and never will . Get used to the Tricolour -it’s not going away .

  • Limerick

    “So ? Shop window or high rise window what matter .For you and your ilk it was probably reason enough for a riot . As I said nothing has changed for some and never will . Get used to the Tricolour -it’s not going away .”


    I was merely pointing out that you were wrong.

    The Tricolour imho is an idiotic flag. Designed to encompass the green and orange, but paraded by people who openly and proudly detest the orange. Moronic.

  • Greenflag

    ‘The Tricolour imho is an idiotic flag.’

    So what’s ‘humble about that opinion ? Just more of the ignorant self defeating bile that is typical of knuckle grounding neanderthals . Grow up ffs and be a good troll and piss off.

  • Jimmy Sands

    “Get used to the Tricolour -it’s not going away .”

    A small request if I may. I would not consider myself an ostentatious patriot but I am attached to the symbols of our state and like to see them afforded respect. If, as you plainly do, feel the need to cause sectarian annoyance by waving a piece of cloth in the face of some random prod, I’d be grateful if you and your ilk would leave the national flag out of it. What’s wrong with just wearing a Celtic top?

  • dwatch

    Michael Shilliday “If your priest went to the UDA annual gathering and heaped hyperbole upon their leaders, would you be happy Chris?”

    Michael, the President of Ireland Mary McAleese recently invited one of the UDA leaders Jackie McDonald to Dublin to meet the Queen recently. If this article (below) is anything to go by and having listened to both their speeches at the Sinn Fein’s annual conference, McGuinness (leader) has a much higher profile and is considered warmer towards Protestants & Unionists than Adams (President) ever was or ever will be. Maybe the Rev Latimer has a point.

    “Martin McGuinness continues to astound with his progress” Read more:

  • Delta Omega

    If David Latimer had turned up in his TA uniform, would he have been accepted as readily?

  • Greenflag

    @ jimmy sands ,

    I’m unsure as to whether your 1.35 a.m above was directed at me but if so I’d like to assure you that I’m merely pointing out the facts of life to one who may still be young enough to benefit from a broader view . I remain probably even less ostentatious than yourself in the matter of national symbols and as a non top wearer as a matter of principal -I refused to be a human billboard or advertisement for any brand be it football, rugby , or gaelic games unless the advertisers pay me . Alas all my written requests for payment in return for wearing team logos etc have been turned down and that even includes Glasgow Rangers -the b#####s ;(

  • Limerick

    “as a non top wearer as a matter of principal”


    Not even a string vest?

  • Chris, I think you will find most people had a problem with his fawning speech rather than his attendance at the ardfheis – certainly haven`t heard much spitting.

  • BogExiled

    Unintentional (but accurate) hilarity during the vicar’s ‘love in’ with Marty. Google ads carried the banner underneath ‘retrain as a plumber.’ Good advice but I wouldn’t let him at my taps, mind you. If that’s Unionist outreach then i’m a bananna. Or an Orange.

  • Crubeen

    Limerick and Greenflag,

    The Irish flag in the shop window incident was during the General Election campaign of 1964 … when a flag displayed in a shop window in Divis Street, Belfast, caused such offence to myriads of loyal Unionists ,who passed by it day and daily, that a squad of peelers was despatched, with persuaders, to remove the offensive article and spare the feelings of those all too easily offended by a piece of cloth. The subsequent rioting made the national news and made the objecting unionists quite objectionable to the population at large on the mainland..