The 12th of July Quiz

Thought I would do a quick quiz based round the annual celebrations, its just for fun so any abuse or “in depth” discussions will be deleted but random fact and stories are encouraged!
Hopefully you can avoid google or Wiki for most of them, Fitzjameshorse, give the rest a chance! they will be wee buns for you.

1. What 17c Irish Battle took place on the 12th of July, an easy one to start.

2. Who were the main commanders involved?

3. A few places in Ireland are named after William III but which Capital city is also named in his honour.

4. James II also got a regional capital named in his honour, as well as the region, name them both.

5. What is the connection between Zechariah Tiffen and The Duke of York.

6. Raphael had three but two were lost on the green grassy slopes, name them.

7. Ivan Patterson should be grateful to King William, why and bonus points for how much! (page 263 Blue book)

8. Lets pretend… James won, so who would be the current British Monarch? (I know its impossible but play along)

9. Who was the little fellow in black velvet, Sorrel and their connection with a bowl/glass of water?

10. Why would Grinling Gibbons be not best pleased with Thomas Davis?

11. According to the rules what four dates are Orangemen expected to celebrate each year?

12. Where else in the world is the 12th of July still a civic holiday for Orangemen?

14. Why was the Orange Order disbanded for a period in the 19c?

15. Which famous Orangeman has become a houshold name for his charity work?

16. Why are carrots orange?