Fianna Fail’s dilemma: Damned if they do, damned if they don’t…

NOT sure I believe that at this stage there is much to be gauged from opinion polls on the Irish Presidential election, but John Drennan’s write up on yesterday’s Sindo Poll, finishes with this intriguing remark:

Meanwhile Fianna Fail’s plans to “tiptoe gently away” from the race are in serious danger of being scuppered by the belated entrance of Eamon O Cuiv into the frame. The grandson of the party’s founder Eamon de Valera has not formally requested the nomination but he has let it be known amongst media outlets and within the party that he’d be available, if asked.

The mood within the party is split between those who fear that “all we need now is for some jackass to persuade O Cuiv to declare and we’re sunk” and others who fret that “the loan of FF votes in the election may become permanent if we don’t contest”.

And no sign of that desired mea culpa