Satirical showcase of Stormont representatives #3

  • Care to explain why this is different to Gregory Campbell being menaced with a bullet to the back of his head?

  • Cynic2

    If that’s Margaret Ritchie shouldn’t the club be a wood?

  • Nunoftheabove

    Satirical showcase is anagrammatic of “aah, clitorises wacs” if that helps. I think it probably does.

  • aquifer

    not funny and not interesting

  • Ball(s).

  • South Belfast Hack

    Maybe I’m missing something, but isn’t satire supposed to reveal some hidden truth or exaggerate a foible to make a point. This series seems only to place politicians in surreal and slightly degrading positions; to what end?

  • Cynic2

    After reading this I navigated back to the Slugger Home Page. The Ad-server presented me with a banner ad for Lakeland Plastics Mould Remover. How wonderfully appropriate!

  • What’s the message? Is this supposed to be Margaret to a tee? Are Margaret and Rory McIlroy being portrayed as not being 100% Irish?

  • The micro-chipping of pet dogs at Stormont should give some food for thought.
    Some of those MLAs who are never off the TV might have borrowed a dog for the photo opportunity.

    But surely the occasion was perfect for a cartoon of Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness bringing along their pet poodle. I guess you know who I mean.

  • Not a particuarly good likeness of Margaret Ritchie but a reasonable and topical (golf related) satire on her being hit by a golf clubs…and smiling thru out.