Mayor Ó Donnghaile: Sinn Fein’s breath of fresh air?

Nuala McKeever welcomes Sinn Fein’s new Lord Mayor of Belfast, not least because of his youth and lack of baggage:

Niall O Donnghaile’s year in office is a fantastic opportunity for Belfast to tackle in a meaningful way the problem of suicide among young people. He has spoken already about his desire to work in this area to give young people a sense of hope and optimism that life is worth living.

Shame on the old fogies who profess a desire to change but are immediately threatened by any change they didn’t plan themselves.

As one of the older members of our society (it’s hard to write that sentence) I have to concede that my generation aren’t the bright young things any more. We may not like what younger generations do or how they talk or the music they love or the hairstyles they wear but we’ve had our day in the sun.

We caught up with him during the Council elections when he was just plain old Niall: