A modest proposal…

Introducing the DUP.ie: A new political party to coincide with the visit of Her Gracious Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second of the United Kingdom and bits of Ireland….

Hat tip: @conorp on Twitter


  • Brilliant or ridiculous?

    Well, of course, we know that Ian Paisley has expressed his wish to see Irish re-unification with the UK. There is no prospect of that happening so is there a collateral strategic purpose for the launch of this Party?

    I assume this is a sister party of the DUP so the DUP can now claim to be an “All Ireland” political organisation. They have made heavy weather over Ireland’s economic ills. In that sense, they mirror the efforts of the SNP who used North Sea Oil as a spur to their cause. Perhaps they have identified a polical “niche” with limited political objectives.

    There is already a reform Unionist organisation in the Republic of Ireland which might want to ally itselft with this new party in order to pursue its aim of bringing Ireland to the Commonwealth.


    Or perhaps this is a back door way of defending Northern Ireland as part of the Union. They may have decided that the more support they can gain in the South, the more likely it is that they will persuade Catholics to become unionists.

    Who knows?

  • Mick Fealty

    I *think* that it is a satire Seymour.

  • AGlassOfHine

    Some people really do have to get themselves a sense of humor !!

  • JoeBryce

    If it’s satire, it’s mighty effective!

    Is there an untrue word in it?

    Partition has been a disaster; Northern Ireland failed; the First Republic is a basket case.

    My political ancestors made a humongous mistake opposing Home Rule. Others with different ancestry may think that Dev’s leprechauns dancing round the angelus didn’t work out so good either.

    Satire or no, a tremendous opportunity is opening up now – because of the Scottish election results – for a renegotiation of relations among this little family of nations.

    That will involve everyone, I would think.

  • Very good – thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Seymour, surprised you fell for it, however in your defense I suspect it is much more than just satire. A return to a closer relationship with the UK has been such a Taboo subject in the republic you could get labeled a nutcase, a West Brit, or even worse a protestant, if you brought the issue up. By using “satire” these guys have circumvented those usual put downs, very successfully I might add, I don’t know who they are and what the motive is but if they get discussion going well that should be interesting.

  • Crubeen

    “I *think* that it is a satire Seymour”

    I thought at first it was a promo from the Dept of Agriculture to re-introduce baby farming to meet the needs of international markets.

    We live in straitened economic times and no opportunity for increased exports and growth should be overlooked …

  • OK, it looks as though I have fallen for a satire. I could not laught at it though.

  • Crubeen


    A good satire really should be so close to reality that it can be hard to tell them apart.

    See this not as insult to your sense of humour but as a tribute to those who made it!

  • joeCanuck

    Awesomely clever. Great presentation. Nearly believable.
    But who produced it and who was the intended audience?

  • AGlassOfHine

    Watched Citizen Kane again last week. At the beginning of the film,Kane is being interviewd…………* I heard on the radio that you are getting married again,Mr Kane* ??
    ” Don’t believe everything you hear on the radio” !! 😉


  • USA

    Looks like it was put together by 919films who can be found on Youtube.

  • USA

    Maybe this will work, if not then I give up. 919films

  • joeCanuck

    That is a very funny clip, USA.

  • ayeYerMa

    Seems to be done by a guy called Liam Heffron. Obviously is not for real given the “B. O’Neill” and wrong name of David Cameron etc.
    Only Liam himself can can give us his true political beliefs – most probably done to mock the current state of the RoI, but given that SO much effort has been put into this and SO much of it rings true, does he have a hint of actual Unionism? (given that Unionism would often be deemed “politically incorrect” and laughed at in the RoI, methods like this may one of the few ways to effectively crack such perceptions)

    In fact, I’d go further and state that Liam here has stated the positive case for Unionism more eloquently and more succinctly than many NI Unionist politicians of late. There are a few other interesting Q&A videos that I’d think are worth watching:

  • DC

    Brilliant clip – very very clever.

    The delivery is perfect – good actor or good politician, who can tell the difference? He’s like a much more effective and eloquent Conall McDevitt, but making the pitch for Unionism instead.

    I would say it’s done to provoke the Irish into a bit of serious reflection and done in time to coincide with the Royal Visit for maximum effect.

    I loved the bit about Fianna Fail’s purpose – to just always be in power and to run the government like a ‘masonic’.