The New Executive Tweeted live… (updated with chairs/vice chairs)

So the d’Hondt Bingo competition is over, announcement Monday…  So far on Twitter from the NI Executive Tweets we have:

Choice 1 DUP – Finance and Personnel

Choice 2 SF – Education

Choice 3 DUP – Enterprise Trade and Industry

Choice 4 UUP – Regional Development

Choice 5 SF – Agriculture and Rural Development

Choice 6 SDLP – Environment

Choice 7  DUP – Social Development

Choice 8 SF – Culture Arts and Leisure

Choice 9  DUP – Health

Choice 10 Alliance – Employment and Learning

In terms of committee chairs and vice chairs …

# Statutory committees

Justice – Chair DUP; Deputy chair SF
Finance & Personnel – Chair SF; Deputy chair, SDLP
Education – Chair DUP; Deputy chair, UUP
OFMDFM – Chair UUP; Deputy chair, Alliance
Health – Chair SF; Deputy chair, DUP
DETI – Chair SDLP; Deputy chair, SF
DARD – Chair DARD; Deputy chair, SDLP
DSD – Chair SF; Deputy chair, SF
DCAL – Chair DUP; Deputy chair, DUP
DOE – Chair Alliance; Deputy chair, DUP
DEL – Chair UUP; Deputy chair, DUP
DRD – Chair DUP; Deputy chair, SF

# Standing committees

Assembly & Executive Review Committee – Chair DUP; Vice chair SF
Public Accounts Committee – Chair SF; Vice chair SDLP
Standards & Privileges – Chair DUP; Vice chair Alliance
Procedures – Chair SF; Vice chair DUP
Audit – Chris UUP; Vice chair DUP