Council Results

It seems like the BBC is making an effort:

Latest Results
As at 14.35  15.50 we have: At 19.45..and at 23.30. Not far off at 10.25 Tuesday. 11.25 30 odd seats to go. At 13.30 – 18 seats to go..15.00 9 to go…Finally …(I’ll put in 2005 figures: – from Nicholas Whyte)

DUP 62 73 114 141 162 169 174 175 175
Sinn Fein 42 54 92 113 128 132 137 138
UUP 17 26 52 71 91 94 95 96 99
SDLP 19 24 49 60 72 77 79 84 87
Alliance 14 16 25 36 41 44 45 44 44
TUV 0 2 4 6 6 6 6 6 6
Green 0 1 3 3 3 3 3 3
Others 8 11 19 24 31 31 31 30 30

DUP: 182 to 175
SF: 126 to 138
UUP: 115 to 99
SDLP: 101 to 87
Alliance: 30 to 44
Green: 3 to 3
Other U: 4 to 9 (6 TUV, 2 PUP, 1 UKIP)
Others: 21 to 27


  • Tomas Gorman

    Will do Chris. Also, apologies for the typos…..the iPad is a devil of a thing to use at times.

  • Chris Donnelly

    Any news on Donnelly’s Cityside bid?

  • pauluk

    “@duponline: DUP & UUP Cllrs in Castlereagh have now agreed to sit as a single group in Council – an example of unionist co-operation to follow across NI”

    If this catches on, which it very well might, now that the final vestiges of the fur coat brigade seem to have drifted over to Alliance, SF can kiss goodbye to ever having their man as first minister…well, maybe not for the next 50 years or so, anyhow.

  • sdelaneys

    Can’t say for sure but have been told he missd out by 60 or so votes so if that is correct he must have got a couple of hundred transfers from S.F. and that wouldn’t please the party if it’s true,.

  • Tomas Gorman

    Independent Republican Bernice Swift elected in Fermanagh.

  • joeCanuck

    A few people have expressed discomfort at certain people getting elected. Don’t know why; people vote for the candidate of their choice even if they, the electors, are bastards.

  • sdelaneys

    That’s a good one and although she was a sitting councillor i’m sure SF had ideas of toppling her..

  • J Kelly

    Gary Donnelly unsuccessful in Derry, Sinn Fein taking three seats and SDLP two. 10% is way off a seat in a five seater not a bad vote but no impact on sinn fein.

  • sdelaneys

    do you know what transfers Donnelly got?

  • J Kelly

    he got up to about 680 few from sdlp, sinn fein and pbp not very transfer friendly. He had a bit of a sweat but was always under pressure from both sinn fein and the sdlp behind him with tranfers going to them while he stood almost still.

  • Tomas Gorman

    Possible legal challenge to the IRSP, SDLP saga. “rogue vote” identified in count.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Reporting from the dreary steeples…in Dungannon South Tyrone an interesting count finished about 1:30 am,

    SF retained 4 seats in Torrent, seeing of a strong challenge from 2 independents, with the SDLP holding and the UUP vote up strongly securing the only unionist seat which was at risk the last time.

    In Blackwater DEA at one stage the possibility of it changing to 4 out of 5 unionist seats seemed possible, but the SF transfer to SDLP was strong enough to retain things as they were, however for the UUP to even be in contention for a second seat was quite a reversal of recent trends. SF gained ground but did not threaten the SDLP, the TUV threat did not stack up to much.

    Dungannon Town result has seen the Currie name disappear from local politics with Vincent losing out at the last stage, Independent Republican Barry Monteith topped the poll with a large surplus, and SF returning to 2 seats. The DUP regained the seat they lost with a defection to the UUP, but Monteiths poll squeezed it somewhat. One safe UUP seat remains.

    Finally in Clogher Valley, the UUP also increased their vote, not enough to be in contention for a second seat but on transfers enough to gain the DUP a seat, at the expense of SF ! so the late Horseman’s map now has a band of orange right along the border as far as Enniskillen.

    Overall its SF 8 ( -1 ) DUP 6 ( +1 ) SDLP 3 ( -1 ) UUP 4 ( 0 ) Ind 1 ( +1 )

  • Sean Og

    Hugh Smyth in serious bother in Court DEA Belfast. He’s been a councillor a long time.

  • Dewi

    SF take control of Magherafelt. I can’t recall an SF majority on any council prior to this.

  • Valenciano

    Hugh Smyth should hold on, he’s 250 votes ahead of the UUP candidate with lots of DUP transfers deciding the result. Likely 3 DUP, Smyth and Frank McCoubrey.

    Sinn Fein gain in Balmoral from the DUP.

    In Laganbank, 1 Alliance, 1 SF, 1 SDLP elected. Fourth seat likely to go to DUP.

    SDLP 88 votes behind UUP for last seat with 88 Workers Party, 144 People Before Profit and 500 Green transfers to come. SDLP must be favourites for that one.

  • Sean Og

    In Laganbank the large Alliance surplus (182) could help UUP. Still too close to call between DUP, UUP and SDLP for last 2 seats.
    My money is on UUP and SDLP with Stalford losing out.

  • Valenciano

    Assuming that the UUP lose in Laganbank and the Greens there don’t overtake the SDLP and that Castle results in Alliance and Sinn Fein gains and UUP/SDLP losses that would leave Belfast as

    SF 16
    DUP 14
    SDLP 8
    APNI 7
    UUP 3
    Oth U 3

    Nationalists overtake Unionists for the first time, though Allaince will still hold the balance of power.

  • J Kelly

    SF looking good for a gain in Derry, Cathy Nelis is 120 ahead of third SDLP candidate with the suplus from DUP to come, unlikely that he can pick up 120 from this.

  • Valenciano

    @Sean Og, there are 200 votes between Stalford and the UUP. There are only 180 Alliance votes to transfer and only about 80 of those are likely to go to Unionist candidates. Elsewhere Unionist transfers from Alliance have broken 2:1 in the UUP’s favour making a gap of 170 votes that the UUP still have to make up. Possible with Green transfers but unlikely.

  • John Ó Néill

    Valenciano – there is no Alliance seat in Castle based on the first pref. Looks like 2 DUP, 1 SF, 1 SDLP with two from three (one SF/SDLP and one either UUP or DUP), probably SF anyway, although Alliance transfers will determine what happens.

  • Valenciano

    John, yes just saw that. Looks like DUP 2, SF 2, SDLP, UUP.

  • Tomas Gorman

    derryirsp IRSP’s Martin McMonagle polls 539 first prefs in Shantallow. Pauline Mellon, independent, polled 477, solid performance from both.

    McMonagle later excluded on 609.

  • Tomas Gorman

    “@bbcnivote2011: Independent republican Gary Donnelly misses Derry #le11 quota by 200 votes.

  • John Ó Néill

    Valenciano – dangers of typing on two threads at once – thats the numbers I meant to give. The council looks like shaking out as:

    SF 16
    DUP 14
    SDLP 8
    APNI 6
    UUP 4
    Oth U 3

    But last seat in Castle is going to be very tight.

  • Politico68

    Is Belfast city council finished counting? do SF/SDLP have more seats than Unionists, anybody know the answer to this?

  • Dewi

    Not quite finished ! – See above!

  • Tomas Gorman

    Guy Spence DUP elected in Castle Ward.

  • 2 frys 2 teas

    That is some result for the Dup’s in Cusher(Armagh) under 2 quotas and take the 2 seats – seems the UUP had well over 3 quotas and lost out – obvious which Party is learning the vote management trade…

  • Politico68


    Thanks for that. Let me know the outcome. Am in the Bowels of Kildare ;-(

  • Valenciano

    Politico, Nationalists will definitely have more seats than Unionists in Belfast. Best case scenario for Unionists 22/23 split. Worst case scenario 20/25 split. Likely to be in the middle of that.

  • separatesix

    Anybody know how many votes the TUV’s Michael Wiggins got or independant Russell Watton?

  • Politico68


    So nationalist counsellors in the majority in most major urban centres? Darned Demographics!!

  • From basic figures DUP look set for losses at Council despite some good performances.

    However their were 18 elected councillors sitting as TUV prior to this election. Does anyone know off-hand how many of those were defections from the DUP elected total of 182 in 2005? Indeed were there any other defections from DUP? (Paul Berry as independant would count as one).

    Just to try and paint a true picture of DUP local gov. position now compared to polling day.

  • Blissett

    Larne seems to have the most diverse council. Who’d a thunk it.

  • john

    Looks like the UUP and DUP vote % has again yielded a better seat%
    DUP VOTE 27% SEATS 30%
    UUP VOTE 15% SEATS 17%
    SF VOTE 25% SEATS 24%
    SDLP VOTE 15% SEATS 15%

    I honestly thought with 582 seats that unlike the Assembly election the council election would be more representative but there still seems to be a discrepancy

  • Dewi

    Final results, Nos Da.

  • Dewi

    John – systematic TUV transfers?

  • john

    Dewi TUV have 6 seats from 2% of the vote so in theory that should leave less than 1% of the vote to transfer. I know it doesnt really work like that, its just when we are talking about such a large number of seats the figures should be more even. I suppose the only way to get an answer would be to look at all the transfers from the independants and try and class them into Nationalist or Unionist which is virtually impossible to do so nevermind.

  • RyanAdams

    John I think thats down to population change.

    Council/DEA boundaries aren’t subject to regular reviews like parlimentary constituencies, so after about 37 years there are some areas under represented and some areas over represented, usually predominantly unionist areas being the latter and nationalist the former.

    Differential turnout also has a major effect.

  • Dewi

    Brain dead after a week of elections.
    a) Where are the first preference %s to be found? and:
    b) Is it only SF in Maghrafelt who control a council?

  • john

    Dewi this link will give you the 1st pref %

    Ryan, good point about the boundaries at least there will be a big review for the next westminster election when the number of seats are dropped to 16 and who knows they may eventually get round to reducing the council numbers at some point

  • Valenciano

    @Ryan, no, councils are subject to regular reviews, supposedly every 8-12 years. So there were reviews completed in 1972, 1984 and 1992. The 2004 review was postponed until 2006 to allow for the reform of local government under a 7 council model, then postponed again until boundaries could be drawn under an 11 council model, then postponed again until local politicos could agree on whether it’s to be 7, 11 or 15. It’s not correct to say that they haven’t been reviewed in 37 years.

  • RyanAdams

    The last time there was a review; much before my interest in politics flourished.

    Yes although even since 1992, there will have been drastic changes in populations in some areas. In fact the 2001 census interestingly revealed population growth in every major town, except Larne for some odd reason.

    The ward structure seriously needs looked at; Culmore in the predominantly nationalist DEA of Northlands, Derry has around 5800 voters, while Bushmills in the predominantly unionist DEA of Giants Causeway in Moyle has under 500 electors.

    Far too many councils agreed; heres hoping DOE doesn’t end up in Mr Poots hands again.

  • Driftwood

    RPA will not happen under the present circus. Nothing does much, but reform means losing a carriage on the gravy train. A small carriage at the back, but still a carriage. Further delays expected.
    The cuts have yet to start of course, notwithstanding Arlene’s wee gift of 36 grand to her DUP mate at Invest NI, so the councillors will have to earn their corn by slashing services they, and their MLA’s promised to protect.
    Can’t blame the Tories for failure here
    The cookie crumbles a certain way, the yanks tell us.

    Well Done Terry Andrews in Down BTW, all without backup. Local campaigning works.

  • sdelaneys

    RyanAdams; ‘Culmore in the predominantly nationalist DEA of Northlands, Derry has around 5800 voters, while Bushmills in the predominantly unionist DEA of Giants Causeway in Moyle has under 500 electors’

    It seems unusual that a ward would have 5800 voters; that would leave the quota very high. Are you sure that is not the figure for the electoral; area or group of wards.

  • Valenciano

    @sdelaneys, Ryan is right Culmore has 5700, Mallusk and Derriaghy are the only other two over 5000.

    @Ryan agree that a ward update is way overdue but disagree about the ward structure. If you are going to have wards at all it’s fair enough that those in compact urban areas are bigger than rural wards, what’s most important is that within a council area wards should have roughly the same electorate.

    To be honest though I personally can’t see the point in having wards at all as they aren’t used for anything. Census output areas give info at a local level and councillors represent DEAs, not wards. It would make far more sense for them to just draw DEAs based on local communities and then award a number of councillors to each at every election depending on the electorate. When a DEA goes outside a set limit say 4.5~7.5 councillors they can then adjust the DEA boundaries as needed.

  • Dewi

    Slight change updated (moved PUP and UKIP from other to other U…)

  • Sean o Russell

    Gary Donnelly unsuccessful in Derry, Sinn Fein taking three seats and SDLP two. 10% is way off a seat in a five seater not a bad vote but no impact on sinn fein….

    Sinn fein should co-opt an ‘independent republican’ onto the council so that the prisoners have a direct voice….in the 1930s fianna fail ‘loyalists,at grass roots levl became known as ‘loyal ditch diggers….people like Sean Glynn,luimneah, were left to suffer in silence….on a lighter note,tomas dubhglais only got 622 votes in the 1950s(look at sinn fein now)…..The IRSP,Eirigi and other Independent Republlicans can take heart from the vote they got….a start had to be made by somebody,sometime,somewhere….

  • ForkHandles

    Yes Sean, I agree totally. Giving prisoners a say in the local community is definitely needed for a right thinking healthy society. Just think how well they could influence our youth in the pursuit of crime instead of wasting their time on education. Not to mention that what people did in the 1930s has an enormous relevance in Northern Ireland in 2011.

  • antamadan

    Good one four candles. Maith thú

  • Driftwood

    Just to say, well done Terry Andrews in Down Council, nearly topped the poll. decent bloke and the only person who came to my door. No posters, just meet the people. Had sense to drop Fianna Fail after the SDLP dropped him.
    Councils should be about people rather than bland party ‘commitments’. He fitted the bill.

  • Sean o Russell

    Yes Sean, I agree totally. Giving prisoners a say in the local community is definitely needed for a right thinking healthy society. Just think how well they could influence our youth in the pursuit of crime instead of wasting their time on education. Not to mention that what people did in the 1930s has an enormous relevance in Northern Ireland in 2011………

    Giving the prison community a say in the local community is definitely needed in a sick and extremely unhealty society.What IRA volunteers did in the 1930s may,or may not be relevent today,in ireland, but sometimes ’empathy’,can get wrapped up or confused wit sympathy and your emotions mightn’t allow you to see the ‘little picture’…On the charge of ordinary decent criminal i would strongly disagree,more the case of ABC,D A Better Community…Direction….Ordinary Decent Community workers…..

  • Taibhse-wolf-tone-

    Gerry McGeogh,love him or loath him would almost certainly have won a seat in the locals.That’s democracy for you.