Give us your best Tweets of the election…

Okay some prizes (yet to be organised) for the Big Election Breakfast (#BEB11) on Monday morning… We’re going to ask you to nominate the best tweet of the election… Given Twitter has a memory slightly longer than the average goldfish, I suspect we may have missed some good stuff already… to nominate? Easy…

Quickest way is to ‘RT’ the tweet in question, with the hashtag ‘#ae11Tweet’… Or you can quote it on the thread below…

In the meantime keep an eye on the @SluggerOToole twitter stream for the detail of the ‘wonderful’ prizes the winner can expect.. If you win, and can’t make it, we’ll come back to you and do our best to make sure it is winging its way to you before end of business on Monday…

  • PaulT

    KenReid_utv Ken Reid
    by UTVElection
    The late Jim Dougal was asked he voted at a Westminster election. He said he put an X against every candidate and then wrote ‘as promised’

  • PaulT

    Only works for SF, apart from Jim, David and Gerry everyone else needs something that rhymes with ‘Party’

    BealFeirsteBhoy “@An_Phoblacht: RT @NiallSF: Never mind the Rain! Vote Sinn Féin!! #ae11 #belw11 6 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

  • Mick Fealty

    My first nomination (oh, yes I intend to compete for the wonderful prizes too):

    “@DUPleader to @EamonnMallie Stop moaning Eamonn. Think how we feel when we look for quality in the massed ranks of the press. :-)”


  • joeCanuck

    From Peter Robinson about Tom Elliot:

    Here’s a deal for Tom. If he stops telling lies about me I’ll stop telling the truth about him.

  • PaulT

    Ebelfastmum ebelfastmum
    mate thought he had to rate every candidate. Devastated he has voted SF+BNP by accident. #slaggingassured #ae11

  • Signed up for the Party tweets pre-election. Will be glad to get rid of them Monday. Clutter and nothing intelligent or interesting.

  • Mark McGregor

    crap canvass, every house a Basil McCrea voter. That man ripped my posters down! #ae11 from @MarkHill – 😉

  • Mark McGregor

    Robin Livingstone’s:

    Shinners sweeping my street like a Panzer division through a French village

    Just about beats Carál Ní Chuilín’s:

    SF activists went through streets in North Belfast like a hot knife through butter

  • Mark

    Mark McGregor,

    Off topic a little Marko , I had a look at your twitter page a while back for the first time , I think you were having a hard time giving up the fags …….great pic though beside your profile , do many peole notice ? lol . BTW are you still off the fags ?

  • @AlexAttwood (Nat) striking a blow for trandy palitics:

    Tanks to aal da well well wushers. Dis has been a truly mamrable day in da struggle far #TrandyPalitics #ae11

  • I wrote this but can’t retweet cos there’s too many letters:


    If I had the money, I’d be tempted to send Gregory Campbell a letter, daily, with an address line of DERRY. He’d slowly go mad