Nick Griffin and the BNP hit E Belfast

On Thursday the British National Party is standing candidates for the first time in Northern Ireland. Candidates will be contesting the Assembly constituencies of East Belfast, East Antrim and South Antrim. They are also standing in local council elections in Larne (Coast Road ward and Larne Town ward), Newtownabbey (University ward) and Castlereagh (East ward).

Nick Griffin, who apparently faced more than a bit of hassle last night whilst canvassing in Cardiff, was “touring” East Belfast at the weekend, campaigning for the party’s local Assembly and Castlereagh East council candidate Ann Cooper.

He says he had a “great reception”, although the  local reaction was distinctly more lukewarm than that from what I’ve heard. The only comment from any local politician on his visit appears to have come from the Conservative council candidate for East Castlereagh, Terry Dick:

  “It turns the stomach to see a fascist like Nick Griffin out campaigning for local election candidates on the Newtownards Road”.

“Griffin and his acolyte in this area, Ann Cooper, should be under no illusions.  Their brand of racist, extremist politics offers nothing to the people of Castlereagh.   Let’s be clear – there is nothing remotely British about the BNP.  On the contrary, our country has a proud history of resisting the hate-filled doctrines which inspire men like Nick Griffin.”

“Brave men and women died to protect the freedoms which Griffin’s political predecessors attempted to destroy and which he now exploits to spread extremism.  He has a right to voice his opinions, however vile, but voters also have a right to reject them out of hand.  I’m confident that the people of Castlereagh will send a clear message through the ballot box that he and his party are not wanted in this area.”

Hopefully, yes. But  over to the East Belfast and Castlereagh East electorate on that one, I guess.

  • Dewi

    “The BNP oppose Mosques and will stop money being wasted on “Diversity” and “windfarms””
    From andnowwhat’s link.

    What a strange linkage.

  • Diversity, whether of ethnicity in public office or sources of energy, must be resisted in all its pernicious forms. Rise up, comrades!

  • john

    Those windfarms are taking over the place. Taking are jobs stealing are women. Its not safe to go out for a quiet walk in the country without a gang of them trying to chase you down – its a disgrace so it is

  • Mike the First

    “the Zionist ‘anti-fascist’ 62 Group, an alliance of Zionists and Communists”

    “a Jewish left-wing Labour MP”

    Hmm…I was going to say “dog whistle”, but it’s not even that subtle…

  • In the good old days when Britain ruled the world, we painted wind turbines a patriotic red. Now that the liberals have taken over everything, they let in all sorts of wind-harnessing scum: green turbines, blue turbines, orange turbines, white turbines. I say kick all the newcomers out, and get back to wind-generation befitting of our nation’s proud history.

  • AGlassOfHine

    It amuses me how people who vote shinner,go ape shit over the BNP ?
    Hypocrisy much ? 🙂

  • andnowwhat

    Has Mick Fealty not caught on to which banned (well, on a red card and meant to be “sitting out the war”) poster AGlassoFHine might well be?

  • JR

    AGlassOfHine, you are obsessed. I just clicked on you profile and noticed that you seem to say somthing along those lines a number of times on every thread you go on. I think it is called trolling.

    For your info most of the people on this thread are not Sinn Fein voters and are not going “ape shit”. Do you have an opinion on the BNP?

  • JR

    I thought the overuse of the emoticons looked familiar. AGlassOfHine, isn’t your namesake much admires by the BNP?

  • andnowwhat

    On the button JR.

    He used to do this on the BBC board.

    Sorry Mick. I’ll stick to the topic from here on (honestly)