AV referendum- it’s all over (bar collecting the winnings)

According to the latest press-release from Paddy Power anyway:

(02 May 2011) Paddy Power have today paid out £15,000 to punters who backed next Thursday’s referendum on electoral reform to be rejected. The odds on a negative outcome tumbled from 10/11 at the end of February to 1/16 at the time of the bookies payout today.

Ken Robertson from Paddy Power said “From a betting point of view the writing has been on the wall for the A.V. issue for the past couple of weeks with 90% of all bets placed supporting the referendum to be rejected.”

Paddy is still  however offering odds on  voter turnout- 35.01% to 40% is the current favourite at 6/4.

A UK Unionist and also confirmed devo-sceptic.
I believe the creation of devolved “governments” in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, along with the corresponding unsolved “English Question”, has weakened that Union.

The present-day Conservative Party would be the national party which would come closest to representing my political beliefs. I have previously belonged to the “Friends of the Conservatives” and the UUP but am no longer connected with either party.

Outside of my Unionism, I consider myself as an economic libertarian, social liberal and secularist- e’g. am pro-choice, anti-schools segregated on the grounds of (parents’) religious beliefs.

Very suspicious of NI’s Human Rights’ Oligarchy (in particular the NIHRC) and hope to be writing on this topic, as well as wider UK and European political issues.