The campaign always gets dirty near the end …

… but does it have to?

Sinn Fein posters mounted on top of other party posters in East Antrim

This example of Sinn Fein postering in East Antrim isn’t exactly the most professional piece of campaigning … surely the early bird captures the worm lamppost while latecomers have to find their own free space?

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  • Well it’s not as though the Stoops aren’t up to worse. Upper Bann SF weren’t too impressed when they took Mary Lou on the canvass in Maghery last week to find almost all of their posters had been mysteriously replaced by mugshots of Dolores Kelly – go figure…

  • Comrade Stalin

    Yes, and there were TUV posters all along the A2 between Greenisland and the M5 motorway a few weeks ago, especially around Whiteabbey, which vanished not long after they went up.

    I believe tampering with posters in this way is an offence. I’d certainly be quite happy to see more prosecutions – everyone should have the right to campaign freely for the election whether we agree with them or not.

  • We have come a long way over the past few years. There are rules about election posters.
    There should be a rule about de-facing or removing posters.

  • Nunoftheabove

    Is it an offence to deface them, remove them, replace them ? What are the limits of free expression in relation to election posters ?

  • JeanMeslier

    What will these Shinners NOT get up to?

  • Mick Fealty


    Try to keep to the topic in hand…


    Maybe we ought to start a thread or even build a map of disappearing posters. I remember seeing a chain gang of young lads on the Knock dual carriageway up to that sort of crack in the last week of the 2005 campaign.

    But kudos to Alan, I’ve not seen the East Antrim variant before.

  • Mick – ‘fraid I saw it on Facebook!

  • Paynoattentiontome

    I see that the SDLP election Literature for candidates in Newry and Armagh contains individual photos of the candidates Cllr Pat Brannigan and Cllr Thomas O Hanlon with Irish President Mary McAleese. I seem to remember a whole row over Caitriona Ruane using a photo of herself and President Mc Aleese in a previous election. I know my good friend P J Bradley had plenty to say about it.. Are these candidates telling us that the President is endorsing them. A serious abuse and disrectful to President Mc Aleese and her position

  • vanhelsing

    Simple – just pull those SF posters blocking the SDLP ones down. There are rules about removing defacing posters and I assume this also applies to placing your poster over someone elses.

    Poor manners at best – hope mcmullan loses 🙂

  • fordprefect

    Why not make it an offence to put them up in the first place! All those gubs staring down at people must frighten the childer!

  • Paynoattentiontome – a UUP councillor in Lisburn has a picture of himself with DUP’s MP Jefrey Donaldson on the front page of his leaflet … not sure he’s claiming endorsement!

  • vanhelsing

    Alan I have that beat, there is a poster of Breen [UUP] in North Down which has [credit to the artist] made him into Adolf Hilter.

  • Brid Rodgers

    SF workers were spotted by Dolores Kelly’s relations removing her posters in Aghagallon and replacing them with SF ones.
    Dolores has sent message to SF candidate asking him to respect democratic principles. What are the chances of a positive response? We look forward to seeing her posters reinstated but not holding our breath1

  • I’m not a gambler Brid but knowing most of the SF workers there I’d lay a fair bet that is a load of nonsense. Though of course given that just about everyone carries a camera phone these days it would have been pretty easy to take a snap to prove these allegations. Also if Dolores was so sure these were SF workers would she not be better calling into the North St office to speak directly to John and Johnny instead of ‘sending a message’ – she would normally have to pass it to get to the SDLP office.

  • fordprefect

    Ulick and Brid,
    I was a SF canvasser, leafleter, and a poster putter upper for many a year (and I spent all my money on whiskey and beer), only joking! Seriously though, I (nor anyone that was with me) ever tore anyone else’s poster down from a lamp-post or anywhere else. In fact, people, including myself, took death defying decisions, to try to get the SF posters at the top of the lamp!

  • Ceist

    Thats great Ford but you must conceed that the photo at the start of this thread tends to suggest your comrades arnt as virtuous

  • RyanAdams

    I thought the whole reason that the electoral agent and contact details etc were on the poster so people could be held accountable for instances like the photo above. I know in Balmoral Martin O’Muillear is over the top of a DUP assembly poster at Finaghy Road South, although the last time I passed that area he was sinbinned – on the ground!

    I’d have thought it near impossible to tamper with a poster on the Knock Dual Carriageway – The speed camera van would catch you!

  • AndyWilson

    Dear, dear, dear.
    Sadly it appears the Shinners have as little understanding of the law pertaining to displaying posters as they do about making wilfully false statements on nomination forms. Mind you the latter is more serious as it carries a fine and prison sentence.

    Just for the benefit of the good people of Coast Road District Electoral Area, the bottom poster which has been deliberately obscured is for Maureen Morrow 1 and Andy Wilson 2 Ulster Unionist Party. “Local People for Larne Council”.
    All the very best.