Plaid (of all people) mix up our poets…

Plaid launch our manifesto (of which more later)….

Plaid’s vision for what it describes as the next decade of delivery is reflected in the title of the document “Ambition is Critical”. As Wales prepares in 2014 to mark a centenary since the birth of Dylan Thomas, his words have been adopted by Plaid as their guiding principle for both the manifesto and the next Welsh government.

Except..wrong poet…introducing David Hughes…
Oh well, the slogan is good and all publicity…..

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  • They should have gone to Specsavers

  • Zachariah Tiffins Foot

    Let’s hope the manifesto is not in English to tempt the Moel Tryfan sign-marauder to make off with it!

  • wee buns

    Gosh how embarrassing for them (of all people).
    Although trying to mine an appropriate quote from Thomas may prove unfruitful; did he not say?
    ‘The land of my fathers. My father’s can keep it.’

  • Dewi

    Yep a real shame because “Ambition is Critical” is a fine goal…especially starting from where we are.

  • Rory Carr

    Now, now, Wee Buns, I know, as Dylan once said, that “…we’re not saints or virgins or lunatics”, but neither should we accuse him of ever having fallen prey to the dreaded Greengrocers’ Apostrophe.

  • wee buns

    Re grocer’s apostrophe: Excurciating Blush… deeper pink than even Plaid’s I imagine.
    (I swear to krist it was spell check that dunnit, which unfortunately I can’t do without, being the most dredful spellir on irth).

  • wee buns

    What’s the craic with anticipated support for Plaid in forthcoming elections?
    The bumph & manifesto looks really upbeat & professional.

  • Dewi

    Wee buns – Labour seem to be reaping the benefits of a fairly astonishing LibDem collapse – Plaid seem to have dropped a little since 2007 (Junior partner in a coalition a pretty difficult place to campaign from…) but there’s a few weeks to go yet…

  • There’s the useful “primer” [their description] to all things politically Welsh at:

    The Britain Votes website is, I find, an ever-ready source and resource.

    I haven’t seen Anthony Wells (at UKpollingreport) do any recent update on Welsh polling.

  • A niggle at the back of my consciousness told me there was a bit more to this story than Dewi or his BBC website link supplies.

    As I recall, around the mid-90s Swansea was a “City of Culture”. Various bods (they included Menna Elfyn, who went into chokey on behalf of the Welsh language campaign) were invited to come up with uplifting mottos to dignify the cityscape. This one, indeed by David Hughes (an emigrant to distant York, I believe), was incised into the pavement outside the railway station. Other gems included a caption, again by Hughes, above a map of the city: “Swonzsee izit?” His “Seezer avenaclew wotsgowin on”, intended for the bit of Roman ruin, never made it past the planning stage.

    The local rag, the Swansea Herald of Wales (predictably owned by the Daily Mail), went ballistic and denounced the whole project. The “naicely-spoken” elements of local society joined in. So, some sooner, some later, these contributions to the urban environment were eradicated.

    Is Boldness before princes, another good one, still on the path up to the castle?

  • Dewi

    Slightly seriously, on the Millenium Centre, by the wonderful Gwyneth Lewis:
    Pretty cool.

  • Gwyneth Lewis, indeed. And all of two yards high. [Explain: Dewi: you’re closer to the action.] Almost a star of Dr Who (if they’d move the camera up a bit more).

    The Swansea inscription that particularly worked for me (and it may have survived the humourless iconoclasts and still be there) weedled its way down a lamp-post and across the path:

    Saint a satan ar y sment

    I think that translates (even if no poetic thought ever truly translates) as: Saint and Satan are in the cement.

  • Ahhhh! Sorry! Insert [-b] where necessary.

  • Dewi

    Malcolm – cynghanedd is hard work – give me a mo…

  • rhys

    ‘Dillon’ Thomas was so ‘Welsh’ he couldn’t even pronounce his own name – and that bloody ACCENT! He wrote some funny stories though.