The Assembly Elections- what the bookies are saying

I know there are several Sluggerites who, like myself,  enjoy keeping the bookmakers in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed, so here’s the betting news for the Assembly Elections…

There isn’t any.

Or at least, not much. 

 It may well be that the prospect of a DUP/SF/UUP/SDLP/AP coalition replacing the present DUP/SF/UUP/SDLP/AP coalition is failing to ignite the market, but to date the big boys are not even bothering this time to issue odds, leaving us with A McClean to help us out with a few choice, or, even one may say, idiosyncratic offers. 

Overall, he’s presently looking at 33/34 Dupes, 7/8 Alliance, 28/29 Shinners, 17/18 UUP, 17/18 SDLP and 3-5ish others.

 As I said, idiosyncratic and when the bookies are starting to offer “idiosyncratic”, then you know it’s more than high time to have a word with our trusty mate, Mr Paypal. 

Individual constituencies are also presently  offering good value;  a prime example being North Down with a DUP 3/UUP 1/ All 1/Grn 1 at 4/1. 

I’m not sure if they’re trying an initial loss-leader set of odds (a favourite trick of Paddy Powers in political betting) to kick start things off,  but whatever, if you fancy making a few easy bob (heh! The Incorrigible Gambler’s favourite phrase) then I suggest you head over there quick before everyone else realises what’s going on. 

The O’Neill family’s house-keeping has just been put on an E. Belfast DUP 3/All 1/UUP 1/Ind 1 at 6/1 but Mick Fealty would probably like me to also mention at this juncture that Slugger will accept no responsibility for any dosh irresponsibily lost due to this post…

A UK Unionist and also confirmed devo-sceptic.
I believe the creation of devolved “governments” in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, along with the corresponding unsolved “English Question”, has weakened that Union.

The present-day Conservative Party would be the national party which would come closest to representing my political beliefs. I have previously belonged to the “Friends of the Conservatives” and the UUP but am no longer connected with either party.

Outside of my Unionism, I consider myself as an economic libertarian, social liberal and secularist- e’g. am pro-choice, anti-schools segregated on the grounds of (parents’) religious beliefs.

Very suspicious of NI’s Human Rights’ Oligarchy (in particular the NIHRC) and hope to be writing on this topic, as well as wider UK and European political issues.