I’m the leader of the Welsh Labour Party….no you ain’t!

As the euphoria of the referendum result pales so the pre-election rows commence. Your friend and ours, Peter Hain, plays the attack dog (from the BBC).

Shadow Welsh Secretary Peter Hain has branded Plaid Cymru leader Ieuan Wyn Jones, Deputy First Minister in the assembly government, “ineffective”.

And…Carwyn Jones, first Minister replies:

“Those are Peter’s comments. These are not comments that are issued by the government…..
Ieuan and I know that over the next few weeks we will have to think about how we manage the process going up to the election on 5 May. We know that all parties will be competing for votes during the course of that time.
I don’t have any ineffective ministers in my government.”
Asked about Mr Hain’s role in the election campaign, he said: “I am the leader of the Welsh Labour Party. I anticipate leading the campaign into the assembly election, so it’s my role of course to speak on behalf of the party.”

Is he really leader of the Welsh Labour Party?
ITV’s Adrian Masters discusses:

A Labour party source pointedly told me that Ed Miliband is the UK party leader and Carwyn Jones speaks on matters devolved to Wales….

I’m as fond of Labour rows as the next Plaid supporter but after a decade and more of devolution might it be an idea for the, huh, “Labour Party in Wales” to sort out their own constitution?
From Wiki:

Welsh Labour is formally part of the Labour Party – it is not separately registered with the Electoral Commission under the terms of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act,[3] nor is it part of a federal organisation (such as the relationship between the Welsh Liberal Democrats and the Liberal Democrats, for example). As such it does not have an office of Leader. Carwyn Jones is regarded as the de facto Leader, although his constitutional position is that of Leader of the National Assembly Labour Party

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  • Red Kangaroo

    Sorry to be rude but this is not an interesting post. If we must talk about Wales could it please be about something worthwhile

  • Sean Og

    Plus 1.

  • Drumlins Rock

    T’is interesting,

  • Dewi

    Thanks DR – one out of three ain’t bad…

  • Ceist

    I dunno I found it thought provoking. In the light of calls for the London based parties to contest NI elections this gives an insight into some of the difficulties.

    I mean at our end does Stormont sit closer to Holyrood or the Senedd? Are we even comparable? We do have a unique set up here after all.

    How do parties operate in devolved settings as comprised the ‘national’? Massively different issues tend to dominate at the different levels of government so would further flexibility of message within the parties be called for? It’s hard for a Councillor to cause a headache for the central parliament level in a party- but an MLA, MSP or AM?

    Maybe (and inadvertently) the DUP are ahead of their time – maybe we’ll see a Scottish/Welsh focused unionist party in years to come (actually I think the Torys considered something like this last year in an attempt to detoxify their brand in Scotland).

    It’s interesting to see that Hain, part of the administration that brought in devolution doesn’t seem to be really adopting the principle of delegation