Give us the tools to do the job.

Tomorrow sees the referendum on a slicker law making process for Wales’s devolved powers.
Two polls, one for the Western Mail and the second for Y Byd ar Bedwar (analysed on Syniadau), show 2:1 majorities for the Yes vote. In the Yes camp the spin is we’re winning but need a good turnout.
In their annual obsevation on Wales the Guardian gives it’s support.
It’s quite a good assessment to be fair.

It is frustrating that it is necessary to hold a referendum on such matters, especially since almost all political opinion in Wales is in favour anyway. This week’s vote cheapens the currency of referendums. But, since there is to be one, it is also clear that the vote should be in favour of the proposed changes. Laws which only affect the people of Wales should be made in Wales. The Welsh assembly has proved itself competent but a bit hamstrung. It has worked hard to carry Welsh opinion – no small task given the historic scepticism of many Welsh voters over devolution. It needs this extra power. With Wales now due to lose 10 of its 40 Westminster MPs under boundary revisions before 2015, it is more than ever reasonable for the assembly to take effective control over the devolution settlement. Wales should vote yes.

To prove my lack of bias I need to refer to today’s big “No” story:
Lord Touhig to vote No- (from the BBC).……I blame the obviously dodgy ancestry….